Be Blessed!

Be Blessed!

Be blessed:
with friends that love you
all of you
so you can be true
to you.

Be blessed:
with a body
that functions
even with the aches and pain
there is still a peace inside
that takes that rain
and make you sane.

Be blessed:
that you can  be content
with just enough
even with the fluff
and all the no sense stuff.

Be blessed:
a favour bestowed
even when you feel low
because you already know
the best is yet to come.

Be blessed,
and so it goes
row after row
and feel those rupples overflow...

I Too Have Sin

I too Have SInned

Malignant tumors of regret 
I now seek release.
By the foolish acts of being human
I now seek redemption.
What is the first step
that I must take
to be washed clean
to come into your presence?
I do not know
I fear my crimes 
have taken control
of my possible aquittal.
But I must be reborn
still born no more.
I must try
or die trying.
I must come again
strife again against the pain
of loss and regret.
I want to feel the light
smell the sweet air
of release of all my fears
defeated at last.

April Rising

April Rising

April Rising like a Pheonix - 
No praying mantis.
Lying dormant for too long
I emerge like Aphrodite
ready to pick my grapes.
Better yet ready to release
all the creative juice
centered in my back.
Though I am rooted in this spot
I will bloom
spread wide
bold and in control
of my destiny.
I roam the ground grounded
in search of my destiny.
In the Nothern skys
I reach for my growth
to pick of the tree of life
my new approach 
my destiny

Knock it Out Your Way

Knock It out Your Way

It may get messy
but don't be afraid
to kick it out the way.
They may say
that it's not how you play
the game
but so what.
Take the chance 
to get back control
before your lose your soul
in the blackhole of regret.

To succeed it must be agreed
that you have to strike first.

Don't lie with fear
and rise with despair
take control
and take hold of what you need.
Knock all the doubts 
out of your way
and keep them under your feet.

Smile Through Them Tears

Smile Through Them Tears

I know it hurts,
I know you are raw
from being beaten 
too long
and too much.
I know you are stiff
already set in the grave
your lips refuse to move when you are at the edge
of the cliff.
I know the rain has left you
to gallivant somewhere else
to bless
and bring success
to somebody else.
I know you can't stop them

So cry if you want to
let it flow down and cover your view
of possibilities.
Get it all out,
who knows,
it may stop the drought and the doubts.
Then maybe you can go about
the business you came here to do.

Did It Leave Me?

Did It Leave Me?

Blue black breath
I stand on this desserted trek
will it come?
Has it gone?
Will I have another chance if it has?
back and forth
I go.
Only the black shadows
friend or foe?
I do not know.
I stand
a pawn of Time
lacking vision my only crime.
Have I already been condemned?
will I find a friend
to help me back on track?
I stand rooted, waiting. 
Can you tell me,
if it is gone that way
will it come back?

“Success has nothing to do with Potential”

I heard those words above and it stopped me in my track. It had me thinking. Wait a minute, “success has nothing to do with potential” I repeated this and then I had to agree. But before I agreed I had to recalibrate my thinking quick and in that moment I realised that along the way of life, without giving it a thought I realised I equated having potential with eventually being successful.

Maybe I was slow or a little bit too optimistic or even foolish to think like this, but there you are. However, I thought about it some more, then, I remembered someone I knew who had so much potential. He had so much of it that it was oozing out of him everywhere until that potential choked him or he choked it. But either he never moved beyond having that potential and after a while, no one could see it because he had lost it from ill-use and no use. When that happened everyone who initially cheered him and wished him well and waited for that potential to manifest set aside their banners, silenced their cheers and just disappeared. And could we blame them after all? What is the use of having a constant parade for someone who has nothing to celebrate – just the possibility? And who can take a possibility to the bank or leave it as a legacy? What was even worse was that over time having lost hold of that potential he was relegated to outer darkness, lost, to himself and everyone else.

So, it is true, potential does not equal success to have it mean something you have to do something and then do something and again do something. You have to water and nurture that potential at any and all times, in the face of any and everything. Don’t just have potential, make it work for you.