Plan, Prepare, Produce…Then What?

I hear messages from motivational speakers, on YouTube and other social media platforms espousing the importance of having a plan and executing that plan to be successful. But isn’t there more to this story? I recently saw the tagline from a company, Plan, prepare, produce and I thought this is great! Then I thought about it some more and thought, “something is missing here”. In the past, I have planned, prepared and produced but not everything was a success. So, maybe there is more here to consider.

Then I remembered something I had heard about the idea of distribution. If you plan to prepare and produce what is the next step? The answer is distribution. This is what was missing from the nicely packaged tagline that claimed to be the recipe for success but which lacked that vital ingredient. I have written a book and so I think of this based on that experience. I planned for that book, I prepared it and then produced it but if I had kept it to myself, without allowing others to access what I had produced then wouldn’t my efforts have been in vain? Yes, it would have!

As I said before distribution is the critical missing factor in this tagline. The Bible speaks to not hiding your light under a bushel, and if we do not distribute what we have produced we are hiding our light. We have produced something that will never be seen or shared or experienced by most. So we have the light, it is shining but in the wrong place. A place that guarantees limited exposure because we still have it stored somewhere impacting no one.

So what then? Yes, plan, prepare and produce but, we still have work to do. I would say the most important part of the entire process comes at this stage. We still have to get out there. We still have to get out there with confidence in what we have produced and find the hill we can stand on, where all can see us and our products, our light. But guess what? Too many people allow fear of the unknown and rejection to scare them and so they either never distribute or distribute right where they are and never try to go beyond the horizon and their comfort zone.

So, while you plan to prepare and produce, also plan for the distribution phase and what comes after that.

A True Leader

A True Leader

There are many great minds
There are many great names
edged on many a graves.
Yet many were leaders
and many are coming on the quick.

Many strive to control
with a big beating stick
instead of a kind word
to defuse a situaion.

We must be right
in everyone's sight
and so we ignore
and close the door 
on the truth.

But is anyone really willing to listen
anyone willing to truly lead?
Anyone willing to provide the water
that will wash your students' feet

The Enemy Success

The Enemy Success 

Success whispers in your ear - 
"you have arrived
for awhile let's rest here".
We sit and bask in what we have achieved
and never realise we are being decieved
because we cannot see
what else from within ourselves we can retrieve.
We begin to think - 
"there is nothing better in this world
than what we have now.
and we allow
complacency to take reign
and suffer the pain,
of the wasted years
when we settled for less, 
instead of giving more than our best.
If only we believed
there was more to achieve than the present fame
which fades under the pressure of 
misguided vain.

Be Blessed!

Be Blessed!

Be blessed:
with friends that love you
all of you
so you can be true
to you.

Be blessed:
with a body
that functions
even with the aches and pain
there is still a peace inside
that takes that rain
and make you sane.

Be blessed:
that you can  be content
with just enough
even with the fluff
and all the no sense stuff.

Be blessed:
a favour bestowed
even when you feel low
because you already know
the best is yet to come.

Be blessed,
and so it goes
row after row
and feel those rupples overflow...

I Too Have Sin

I too Have SInned

Malignant tumors of regret 
I now seek release.
By the foolish acts of being human
I now seek redemption.
What is the first step
that I must take
to be washed clean
to come into your presence?
I do not know
I fear my crimes 
have taken control
of my possible aquittal.
But I must be reborn
still born no more.
I must try
or die trying.
I must come again
strife again against the pain
of loss and regret.
I want to feel the light
smell the sweet air
of release of all my fears
defeated at last.

April Rising

April Rising

April Rising like a Pheonix - 
No praying mantis.
Lying dormant for too long
I emerge like Aphrodite
ready to pick my grapes.
Better yet ready to release
all the creative juice
centered in my back.
Though I am rooted in this spot
I will bloom
spread wide
bold and in control
of my destiny.
I roam the ground grounded
in search of my destiny.
In the Nothern skys
I reach for my growth
to pick of the tree of life
my new approach 
my destiny

Knock it Out Your Way

Knock It out Your Way

It may get messy
but don't be afraid
to kick it out the way.
They may say
that it's not how you play
the game
but so what.
Take the chance 
to get back control
before your lose your soul
in the blackhole of regret.

To succeed it must be agreed
that you have to strike first.

Don't lie with fear
and rise with despair
take control
and take hold of what you need.
Knock all the doubts 
out of your way
and keep them under your feet.