Don’t Quit

Don't Quit

Just because the sun
did not shine 
on you today.
Just becausethe rain 
came and washed away 
your way.
Just because you feel
the fear
stealing over you.
Just because your feet
are worn
walking in weary shoes.
Don't quit
don't give in
to the voice
that tries to imprison
you from within.

Plan, Prepare, Produce…Then What?

I hear messages from motivational speakers, on YouTube and other social media platforms espousing the importance of having a plan and executing that plan to be successful. But isn’t there more to this story? I recently saw the tagline from a company, Plan, prepare, produce and I thought this is great! Then I thought about it some more and thought, “something is missing here”. In the past, I have planned, prepared and produced but not everything was a success. So, maybe there is more here to consider.

Then I remembered something I had heard about the idea of distribution. If you plan to prepare and produce what is the next step? The answer is distribution. This is what was missing from the nicely packaged tagline that claimed to be the recipe for success but which lacked that vital ingredient. I have written a book and so I think of this based on that experience. I planned for that book, I prepared it and then produced it but if I had kept it to myself, without allowing others to access what I had produced then wouldn’t my efforts have been in vain? Yes, it would have!

As I said before distribution is the critical missing factor in this tagline. The Bible speaks to not hiding your light under a bushel, and if we do not distribute what we have produced we are hiding our light. We have produced something that will never be seen or shared or experienced by most. So we have the light, it is shining but in the wrong place. A place that guarantees limited exposure because we still have it stored somewhere impacting no one.

So what then? Yes, plan, prepare and produce but, we still have work to do. I would say the most important part of the entire process comes at this stage. We still have to get out there. We still have to get out there with confidence in what we have produced and find the hill we can stand on, where all can see us and our products, our light. But guess what? Too many people allow fear of the unknown and rejection to scare them and so they either never distribute or distribute right where they are and never try to go beyond the horizon and their comfort zone.

So, while you plan to prepare and produce, also plan for the distribution phase and what comes after that.

A Word on Discouragement

Discouragement is dissatisfaction with the past, distaste for the present, and distrust of the future. It is ingratitudefor the blessings of yesterday, indifference to the opportuinities of todayand insecurity regarding strength for tomorrow. It is unawareness of the presence of beauty, unconcern for the needs of our fellowman, and unbelief in the promises of old. it is impatience with time, immaturity of thoughts, and impoliteness to God

– William A Ward



Courage comes from faith
and faith discourages fear.
Courage is not losing heart
even when the storm is on your doorsteps
fighting to get in.
Courage is making the mountain before you
as small as a grain of sand
nothing less would suffice
to let the Sun shine in your life.
Courage is knowing your will never lack
because God will keep you on track.
Courage is making that lonely walk
because you made a certain talk.
That will make all the difference.



You can run,
I know you can.
You can fly,
I know you can.
Out of fear
you may run
but you need to fly.

Use those wings 
see the joy it brings
even in your fear
They will take there, 
where you need to go.

When you are down
and you feel it's not your time
take flight and fly
up to the sky.

Shut It Out!

Sometimes you have to turn everything off and just breathe. We are being bombarded with news that has us on edge every single day. Non Stop messaging that seems to be driving us crazy. Either that or stark raving mad and ready to do battle. There are times when many of us feel as if we are truly going crazy, our heads spinning with all that is taking place around us and to us.

We have become social media junkies. surfing all the social media platforms that seem to give us 10 million answers to one question and all of them different, falling short of the mark of enlightenment. It never seems to end! By the end of each week we are left feeling frazzled and ironically exhausted. surfing and sparing with all this information can be tiring.

Then there is this “new normal” that everyone keeps harping about which makes you feel like you are living in the twilight zone. What is remotely normal about this 2020, new normal must be a joke. Nothing is the same and nothing will be the same. Many are looking forward to 2021, but keep in mind that we were all excited and eager for 2020, and look how that turned out.

The fact is we are at a place where last year this time we would have never imagined we would be at. So what do we do now? There are many ways that we have been made to develop a healthy dose of fear and sense of powerlessness – unprecedented. Well, we have nowhere to run, quarantine restrictions seems to be taking care of that and made escape that much harder. Then how do we tackle the walls that are closing in?

We simply have to shut it all out. We have to go off radar by getting off social media and spending a little more time preparing something to eat instead of trying for the uptenth time to join that zoom meeting. Stop forcing our mind and body to do what they are not willing to do at that moment and just sign off for a while.

Everything and then some that has come with this covid pandemic year will still be there when you sign back on. Just like the virus, those issues will be here for a while. And if it means totally signing off to keep your health and peace of mind then do that to0. In the year of improbabilities, it may just be the right time to shut it all out and go off radar.

Turn fear into faith

Turn fear into faith and do not look back
No need to collect the broken pieces 
into sackcloth.
Turn your broken dreams
 into beautiful mosaics
By the help of the Almighty. 
Look for the truth in the humble places.
Test your strength against the chains they would use to bind you.
Chains that would deny you the freedom to be you.
Chains that would be keep you enslaved 
to their agenda.
Take hold of the yourself.
Do not be fooled by mass hysteria.
Take control of yourself so you can be restored.

Whisper a prayer,

Wait for what is to come
claim your right to receive it
and deny fear.
Go and know that your needs are already met
ready to be collected.
You offer little and get much.
That is the nature of mercy
the measure of Grace.
Hold fast to the promise,
it is the rope that will guide.

Hold fast to One Truth,
the truth that will sustain you.

Phillipians 4:19:
My God
Will meet all your needs
According to the riches of His Glory...