Now She Sleeps

Now She Sleeps

We had to leave her

I wonder if she is cold?
They put her on ice.
Frozen in Time.
No more.
They left her
in the dark.
She could not find her way to me.
They took her shoes
gave her a box
left us a crystal drop.

Will I see you again?
In Heaven?
Can I hug you there?
Will they let me?
Can I kiss you?
Like I did not here?

For now I'll let you sleep.

The Secret Place

The Secret Place

Do not
have faith
may change
will fade
will smile
they exist
even in

In a secret place
Out springs new life
rain pours over pain
desert loose their claim
Like Queen of Andean
life rears alive again
Edenesque ideal now tamed
where endless rivers flow
also too dreams grow
in neatly assigned rows
where you can glow
kissed by benevolent miracles
 refreshed by the glow
of your secret place.

Nuggets to Keep You Focused

I enjoy reading inspirational quotes when I need a little pick-me-up. There are just some days when you are too much with yourself, you get into your head and seem stuck there. Recently, I have been feeling a little out of sorts and have been trying to get out of the funk I’m in. This time instead of scouring the internet looking for some inspo quotes, some came to me that are helping me. So, today I share with you all some that I think will be helpful when you find yourself in that position. It really takes great commitment and effort not to be totally flattened by negative thoughts and emotions, that for whatever reason assault us out of the blue. Take all of these quotes or one that brings you the comfort that you need to get through each second, minute, hour or day:

A new chapter can begin when even in uncertainty and doubt you say yes. Not because you know the time is right, but because you are right for that time.

Forgive yourself for yesterday and live for today

Chances are you won’t walk this way again, so stop, breathe, taste, touch and live

Commit to one small act to revive the soul each day and fill your life’s album

Do not be defined by the past but redefine yourself instead

Feel what you feel but do not make it your bedfellow

You can only get from others what they see you give to yourself

Being kind to others is a good habit to develop each day, but leave some over for yourself.

Regret is a cold, cruel dish that if ingested, will give you indigestion!

You will be miserable at times, and you may feel helpless and even lonely at times, but whatever you feel, be honest with yourself so that those feelings have an escape and do not do harm

A lie, even one by omission, takes too much effort to try and control and in the end, it leads you off a cliff

You are allowed to have moments of doubt but do not swallow them or they will burn and singe your insides like molten lava

The Runaway

The Runaway

I am running away
my mind 
works in steps
that quickly 
run away
from defects
that scream
 "No next
yesterday or today!"
I chase away
the doubts
they lodge 
they sprout
     they suffocate
to death
the dreams
dying to come out.
So I lay
to see, 
the metamorphic me.

Where Do I Begin?

Where Do I Begin?

I am in ruin,
where do I begin?

Nothing is true
not even you
for you
are conditional
surealism view
to fool a few
who knew
but were fools
to dreams
who flew
in a cage
crafted with glue
that monsters could undo