The Becket

The Becket

I sway away
each day'because
I cannot
I march along
from town to
something without.
I wander
and ponder
where will I
to show
the truly me.
I now decide
to grap and hold
my becket
anchor pin.

Be Prepared

Be prepared
to walk alone
and reap real rewards.
the past behind
do not be led by the blind.
Be prepared
to leave the crowd
With them you will be cowed.
Be prepared
to be alone
all stones overthrown.
Then with boldness
Embrace the great unknown.

Let Go

Let Go

get confused
by fear
without reason.
the spirit
see the truth.
be dispossessed
by falsehood
and doubt
to the truth.
lose heart
be faithful
be true.
Stay focused
on the light
chase away
of the night.

You Will Not be Forsaken

You Will Not be Forsaken

Don't badda worry
for the people wicked
soon need mercy
but dem a go dead!

Trust God,
do good,
no matter where you trod
God will give you what you deserve.

Don't worry about the one
who do evil to succeed
don't get angry
the wicked soon depart

God know and see all
let them plot
they soon get caught
and cut down small, small.

Don't worry bout famine
don't worry bout strife
God will protect you
He will save your life!

But you see that one there?
Fire and damnation!
Like dust he shall blown away.

Be generous,
not crafty like the wicked
and the evil committed,
but make God hold you up.

The righteous shall never be forsaken
despite opposition they will never be taken
because the good always speak righteous
from start to finish he is pious.

So fret not thyself,
evil shall fall in on itself
but the man who do good
shall never be shook.

Who Told You?

WHo Told You?

Who told you
to accept things they way they are?
Who told you to conform?
Who tricked you
told you
that is the only way
to follow the crowd.
WHo told you
you should never suffer
that trials would not appear?
Who told you to turn away
from who you truly are
to follow what they say?
Who told you 
you were weak
that all your life you would expereince defeat?
Who told you lies
so that you belief
and the truth you cannot see?

Stop being deceived.

Unmerited Favor

Unmerited Favor

I thought... 
I had to give you my world - 
at least that's what I heard.
I thought I had to please you
just to get through 
or find an imaginary chink
in your armour
to get to the light.
But I did not move.
I could not move,
because I did not what to lose
the one and only chance I had
so I set to run
to grab onto your gown...

But before I heard the gun
I felt the breeze 
brush against my cheeks
and a voice that made it impossible to breathe
impossible to move:
Be still and know...