She Breathed You

She Breathed You

                 for A. Wright-Dallen

She knew you before you were formed
she kissed you.
A promise from God
          Sent when ready.
She wrapped you in a cloud 
Of rainbow kisses.
Ready to taste your bitter-sweet moments….
Before she touched you 
She waited.
Till God knew she was ready.
Ready to give you the unconditional love you deserved.
She breathed you and you breathed her.
She had to wait in
and out 
She had to move a heavy and ungodly stone
stretched every fiber of her being to receive you.
She will use every God given talent to keep you safe.
she’ll give you strength borne out of love
She’ll take your pains and make them her own.
Like a warrior she will fight battles with and for you.
You belong to her until you belong to yourself.
Then she will step offstage 
Being your eyes and ears when you cannot find your way
a hand permanently stretched 
waiting always,
With love...

Death is the Dishonour

Death is Dishonour

To lay down and let things fall - or fail
is my nemesis
stopping seems easier than anything.
To struggle seems a constant
there is very little room for clemency.
If I were to stop
who would it hurt?
Who would be any the wiser?
If I were to sit
surely it would be good 
the fat lady could finally sing?

Would it be so bad to let things die

All I know
All I can think of is the dishonour
of letting go.

That Day

That Day


That day
I woke up and the sun was shining
and all was right with the world.
It was an ordinary day
just another day...

That day
I laughed
and played
just like any other day...

Then my world stopped
that day
I was faced with death
that day my world shifted off Centre
and has never realigned...

Now doom is everywhere
Father time smiles no more
and I can hear no longer
my own childish laughter
nor feel
the beat of the wonder of young bloom.
In my web of doubt 
I am caught
and choke at my own uncertainties...

That day
not long ago
when you left me
you took a small bit of my soul...

Broken Chains

Broken Chains


On my knees
twisted by the weight 
of too much to carry far.
What must I do?
If I could stand 
I would be wider than the seas.
There would be 
limitless depths
to me.
But on the shallow tide I must cling.
I have no choice.
Held down by powers
greater than me
I weep...

Can they hear me?
If so why don't they come?

every so slightly,
I feel
a crack
the puckered skin
left to fall off the bones.

But - 

A fire
A fire rages on
A fire that destroys the fear
A fire that promises release
A fire that burns away the chains
A fire that ignites the pain
that will help me
be me again.

Unending Love

Unending Love

I have died several times.
I have been beaten countless times.
Left bloody
the earth swallowed my life's essence
Yet I am still here.
I have been lost countless times
I tasted defeat
stabbed in the back
I bleed relentlessly.
Yet I am still here.
In the dark
I was stripped to my bare bones.
pecked and picked at
I was a tattered mess.
Blinded by fear
I have been mocked and jeered.
I have been left to crawl
across molten lava.
Yet I am here!
Defeated in battle
abandoned by the troops
through Sargasso wide and far I have weaved.
Left behind 
too slow for the "we"
I was made a pariah 
A bud balling for release.
Yet I am here!
Yet I am here!
Yet I am here!


I Am a Lion

I Am a Lion

God has given me the heart of a Lion.

I prowl and wonder here and there

I stand on the edge of the clip
my heart is fearless.

I leap into the misty unknown.
I know I will live!

No one can stop me.

Majestically I float
a flick and flicker
leaving my marks in the dust.

dust you came from dust you shall return...
but not today.

Today I tower over the kingdom
and roar!

Today the trap they set
is seen.
I am wise to their scars
they cannot deceive. 

On all fours I stand
within me beats
the heart of a Lion...

The Quest

The Quest

The air is pungent
with the scent of decay.
Lives dance in shimmying gold
rot on their branches
whither to rose no more.
Elsewhere smiling faces
masks that hide
the deathly grin of finality...

A gentle spring awaits
to purify...

Wash away the lies
sprouted by those
who would see you die
to count their riches
from each strand of hair
their victims cultivate.

To escape you must die
shed this skin
find your peace somewhere
just not here.