Where Do I Begin?

Where Do I Begin?

I am in ruin,
where do I begin?

Nothing is true
not even you
for you
are conditional
surealism view
to fool a few
who knew
but were fools
to dreams
who flew
in a cage
crafted with glue
that monsters could undo

Four Seasons

Four Seasons

September is when I, 
find myself.
October is when I, 
know myself.
November is when I,
 establish myself.
December is when I,
Commit myself.
With each season
a little more
I Am myself.

Forgive Me

Forgive Me

Forgive Me 
for making you chase waterfalls
the wift of what could have been
the dust of my essences
as I float a drift
lost to you and you to me.

Forgive me
as I swerve 
any which way
I have no say
I must bend to the wind.

Forgive me
for being sick
of the ugliness of life
for earth's sweet relief I will pray.

Forgive me
for the dim smile
I promise to come back
from my woeful lacking.

Forgive me
I will soon be 
like the sea free to flow freely.

Change is Necessary

This 2022 keep telling yourself this, “change is necessary, change is good and what must happen no matter if my vision is limited”. In 2021 people and things we love and felt could or would never leave us, left us. Things we thought we could never stop doing we had to stop doing. Places we always went to we had to stop going. Change is inevitable, if not there would be no new year for us to look forward to.

When we are deathly afraid to make a move because we don’t know if it is the right move or not, we have to do it anyway or we will remain where we are and regret not stepping on that fear and moving forward anyway. We cannot be afraid to fall because we can fall where we are; let life catch us moving, doing and aiming, not satisfied in an oppressive or limited known.

It will be hard to accept change, especially change that makes you uncomfortable, but sometimes that is the best change you need, to strengthen you. Each day holds the possibility that things will change. One day you wake up and you may realise your knees now hurt. What are you going to do, stop moving? Of course not you are going to move anyway and even find ways to move better than you did before those aches and pains. Change requires adaptation/transformation or stagnation. The one we experience depends on us and not the thing, situation or person who changes.

Change is scary, it’s hard for many of us to accept, but there is the potential for great things, depending on how we respond to it. So prepare for change, encourage it, embrace it and accept it.