Success At Last!

How many of us have often heard these words of wisdom, “in order to be successful you have to… 10 things you need in order to be successful… 50 things you should give up if you want to be successful… 100 habits you need to adopt… and so forth.

The last two may be exaggerations, but you get the point.

We sit up and listen. Because, who doesn’t want to be successful? We take notes carefully and we make sure we watch ever motivational video in sight; from the comfort of a chair, a settee or our beds. we believe if we watch them enough then one day success will come along and make us succeed.

We watch someone’s life story of success and we know we can make it too!

sadly many of us have been waiting for a long time to make it. We do what we are told, what is expected and what is right. But somehow we never can get to the finish line because often times we are not at the start of the race. We are still warming up. As the sun comes up, rises in the sky and is ready to go down, we are still warming up.

We have to think about all the possible dangers, foresee all the possible challenges and be ready. But, it still remains, we have not moved from the planning stage.

Then, while we are still planning and projecting our fears, doubts and perceived shortcomings on others, here comes that person who never even prepared! Who zips by us into the race and is halfway at the finish line! we stand stunned as they sprint happily along minding their own business, as we wonder how we will catch them. Dreaming of sticking out our tongues as we pass them. Ready to let them know their place. But guess what? We still have not started!

We imagine, and imagine and imagine as they run their race. To our right, someone else steps out, and we wonder what makes them so confident that they can do that. After all, we have been here some time now! We have been patiently waiting our turn! Right?

At this point we begin to wonder if that was the right thing to do, and yet another person sets off. Before we know it, the entire field is full with runners everywhere! In the middle of yet another warm up session we realize, this is not going to work.

By this time our muscles are a bit stiff from lack of use and we fear it may be too late to enter the race. But we still begin, finally. Though we have to start out slow for fear of injury, we do not quit. As we go we experience the first taste of success.

We are finally on our way.

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