My Time
is too important 
for fivrolities
of egos
seeking to shine
on my Time.
If I
choose not
to give you my Time
it is a gift
too precious
to disavow
Excuse me
if I drop you
you are wasting my Time
with your agenda
return to sender
I will not surrender
Any more of My Time.

Nuggets to Keep You Focused

I enjoy reading inspirational quotes when I need a little pick-me-up. There are just some days when you are too much with yourself, you get into your head and seem stuck there. Recently, I have been feeling a little out of sorts and have been trying to get out of the funk I’m in. This time instead of scouring the internet looking for some inspo quotes, some came to me that are helping me. So, today I share with you all some that I think will be helpful when you find yourself in that position. It really takes great commitment and effort not to be totally flattened by negative thoughts and emotions, that for whatever reason assault us out of the blue. Take all of these quotes or one that brings you the comfort that you need to get through each second, minute, hour or day:

A new chapter can begin when even in uncertainty and doubt you say yes. Not because you know the time is right, but because you are right for that time.

Forgive yourself for yesterday and live for today

Chances are you won’t walk this way again, so stop, breathe, taste, touch and live

Commit to one small act to revive the soul each day and fill your life’s album

Do not be defined by the past but redefine yourself instead

Feel what you feel but do not make it your bedfellow

You can only get from others what they see you give to yourself

Being kind to others is a good habit to develop each day, but leave some over for yourself.

Regret is a cold, cruel dish that if ingested, will give you indigestion!

You will be miserable at times, and you may feel helpless and even lonely at times, but whatever you feel, be honest with yourself so that those feelings have an escape and do not do harm

A lie, even one by omission, takes too much effort to try and control and in the end, it leads you off a cliff

You are allowed to have moments of doubt but do not swallow them or they will burn and singe your insides like molten lava

Be Prepared

Be prepared
to walk alone
and reap real rewards.
the past behind
do not be led by the blind.
Be prepared
to leave the crowd
With them you will be cowed.
Be prepared
to be alone
all stones overthrown.
Then with boldness
Embrace the great unknown.

The Hikikomori Way

The Hikikomori Way

Is there nothing more
to being alive?

Than to work
and work and work.
Until all our life force
is used up
and then we return to the dust.

Will we die from the shame?

We are not better my friends
than the birds in the sky
at least they fly
before the most die.

there must be more 
to our lives -
I must know this.

But to find out -
the welcoming shadowy doubts - 
I must resist.

Keeping it Real

Keeping It Real

I have been designed many times:
who I am
who I should be 
who I was meant to be.
But none asked  
what I am to me
what I was meant to be
or what I see in me.

They count the years
and fuel my fears
with their unasked for expectations.
No one seems willing
for me to be me -
They will say they do-

      There is the lie.

They can't handle the truth of me.
And so they see what they want to see
the maddening fever of their mirage.
they polish up and shine
the me they designed
and leave me to languish,
on the shelf.
There I sit
after having been split
by good intentions
and kind words,
struggling to reassemble myself
while you nurture a leprechaun elf.

Position Yourself

Position Yourself

Position Yourself
and find the place
where you can occupy the space
intended for you.
Position yourself
to accept your calling
knowing that in the morning
you will know your calling.
Position yourself
ease into your place
and be still in that time
that you will find sublime,
sublimely yours.
Feel, know and hear the whispers
of truth 
denied in the lies of death.
Position yourself,
stand firm,
hold your position,
for the battle is not yours...



et tu Brutus?
Was a wound ever so deep?
"Ista quidem vis est!"
But the damage was done.
Faster than the bullet from a gun
love, trust and camaraderie condemned
never to rise again.
On the tree of misguided self-righteousness
a single groan signaled the end
no more words uttered.

Let us mourn what was
that is no more.
What could have been
now stunted within the sin
of betrayal.
Now I must shed this skin
of innocence spun in deceit.
Now to get the salt and pepper
not to kill you -
but to find something new
something that is true...