The Truth is Rarely Pure.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

― Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

The truth you tell is not always the truth that is believed and what is real and standing in front of others, is not always what they choose to take. Everyone’s truth is different because everyone’s story ain’t the same. There are opinions that many hold as fact, like who is the best and what is the greatest. Somehow from standing in a certain position we have decided what the truth should be; so today there is alternate truths, that confuse us and make us question what is real. We spend so much time trying to get to the source in order to arrive at the truth of a matter that we may never know the truth.

The truth is, there is no one truth. Everyone has a unique idea of what is real and what is not. For a lot of people truth about a belief or person can be the difference between life and death. The truth is always tainted because it’s open to corruption, add-ons and misinterpretations. Many of us live great fictitious lives, which are enabled to succeed today because of social media. We can be the most popular and most beautiful, because we present a version of reality that people consume. There are keyboard warriors who are the baddest and the loudest, the most witty and controversial because they are anonymous; no one really knows who they are, just the person they have created. We wear masks in all areas of our lives and we become what we think or know others want to deal with and that becomes the “true” self for many.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

― Mark Twain

There are also those who are constantly sitting at the edge of their seats waiting for the other shoe to fall. They are the ones who have built their lives on lies. Those who have distorted the image of themselves and deceived others to get a seat at the table. The path to such a fate based on secret shames and assumed shortcomings, usually leads nowhere but public and private shame. It’s hard to keep up with a lie! The fear of discovery is a fear that destroys mentally and physically and not the act itself.

Then there are those who live the truth that is real for them. For these persons the truth is what they make and not what they are told it is; it’s not empirical (that’s boring, based on facts), but convenient. They need to convince themselves or others so they draw the card of, “look at what I say is true now, don’t think about the past or look ahead, if I repeat it enough it will become fact”.

When you speak truth, what type of truth are you speaking? I speak the truth that is relevant to my reality and not based on what I want it to be. Whatever you truth may be, remember that it can lead to feelings of betrayal and accusations of deceit, if you lie to yourself. However, if you embrace all of you and begin by being honest with yourself, then the truth that is your truth will take you to where you need to be.

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