Moderation: Why is it so hard?

Let’s make this week a Wisdom Week and start today on the right path by considering the value of moderation.

Quotes about Moderation (307 quotes)
What does this even mean?

Moderation is the avoidance of excess or is defined as doing something within reasonable limits. Now, moderation is not an area I am NOT strong in. When I decide to do something anything, I go all in. There is no halfway about me. However, this is something that has time and again been detrimental to my achieving any goal I have, as I get into trouble a lot by having the most unrealistic mindset and acting in the most extreme and unnecessary manner. And this is can be so exhausting. It is certainly no sane way to live! No matter what it is, if I am trying to be healthier for example, in the past I have gotten to the point where I end up eating next to nothing because it seems even a “superfood” or the healthiest thing on God’s green earth has a disadvantage. So, quinoa is good, then actually not, well dark chocolate is way better than milk chocolate but actually, it’s not! This goes on until I end up with a way of eating that is so extreme that I cannot keep it up and worst is damaging to my health and well-being. In order to have the perfect diet I somehow end up with a really unhealthy one and I know the inability to approach the enterprise with a concept of everything in moderation is the main culprit at play. I have yet to master the art of thinking and acting in moderation.

Balance and Moderation - Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
Is moderation a balancing act?

The question is also, is this possible for everyone to do? Can we all live a life based on a framework of moderation? To be extreme is to be farthest from the centre. If we are always going to the extreme, we are always moving away from the centre, we are always awry. If we are always awry, then we can never see the way ahead clear enough to read those signposts that can help us to the other side of where we want to be. Always having to remind ourselves that we have to be the best version of ourselves and be positive, smiling, smiling and being on our ‘A’ game can be quite annoying, tiring and lead to frustration or even resentment. Even being kind can become sickly sweet as the giver can burn out faster than a forest fire. Stretching yourself thin to do good has its disadvantages it would seem because we don’t know how to straddle that middle ground and find our centre.

A part of this need to be so extreme I believe, stems from how some view moderation. Some believe in order to be successful you have to give all or nothing. But is it really a good thing to have no middle ground (centre), to compromise on nothing all the time? Me having such a mentality has not worked out well. You see the more I tried to be an extreme me, the further away I got from myself because no one can last long being off-centre. It will manifest in some unpleasant ways that will set you back further than you thought you would ever be.

1 Timothy 5:23 Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for your  stomach's sake and your often infirmities.
Can something seemingly good for us be too much?

So at this point, I am all for moderation in my life. I no longer believe that I have to be the best, just that I have to do my best which sometimes is just showing up, not because I have anything to contribute but because that is all I have in me to give on that day, at that time. And that is okay. There is nothing wrong with being moderate, in fact, it is the happy medium I now seek. I know it is not elusive or a unicorn, I know I will have to rethink, relearn and reevaluate how I look at the world and how I look at me. But I believe it is the star I need to see my way ahead and avoid potholes that my extremist mindset cannot see.

Ecclesiastes 7:16-18 | The Name of the LORD is a Strong Tower

Office Saga

Office Saga

the voices are lowered
as a new arrival comes into play.
Distrust is rampant and hurt feelings 
are a dime a dozen.
No one can be trusted
except those whom you trust
because they never know
who is for us.

These silly games continue
a jostle for position
or to prove you just don't care.
Whispering groups feel vindicated
they will be heard even if it's here.
Ambition is frowned upon
stars that have shone
must be dimmed
by the 'honest critics'
who hold nothing back
and give very little worth giving.

But once you're gone
your gone.
And what comes next
pray tell?

Making Silence Count

Making Silence Count

She walks
She glides
She floats,
keeping her own council,
looking neither 
left or right.
Her goals in her sight
never engaging in meaningless fights.

She creeps along
not afraid to sweep aside
those who would jeer,
and envelop other in their despair.
She is impenetrable,
Her grey swirl of invincibilty
cacoons her from head to toe
They can sense her, 
but they don't know
When, where or how she goes.
For she can keep her  secret.
Her best friend Ms Descreet,
will be with her til the very end.

Ant Life

Ant Life

Who knows which way it goes,
a day or two 
 a few decades perhaps,
no one never knows.
Make sure though 
to stay close to home
or be a dead expereiment.
Nothing is gauranteed,
because your time is short
(no cretaceous life time),
We must do all now.
transitory being
that's all we will be
no crown
to lengthen the years.
All we can do
is carry the seeds
that contenment breeds.

Start the Week Right

It is the start of the third week in a new month, in a new year. Have you been able to stick to your plans? Are you satisfied with where you are now? Whether or not you are happy where you are now this is another week to start fresh, with a clean slate. Here are five quotes that I am sharing with you to get you through this week. Remember Nothing is guaranteed but anything is possible! tackle the week with all the positivity you can muster!

Every day I move forward on a track of healing and self-improvement

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to What you can create

Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Everyday is a fresh start. Each day is a new beginning. Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life.

Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.

Start by doing what is necessary then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

It’s A Mess Out Here!

So, you thought once you had a plan, once you know your purpose, everything would be alright. I’m, sure you have been praying, hoping and wishing upon a star that you would know the direction you should be headed in. Now you know and now you are but it’s still hard! Well, you are still making silly mistakes and stepping on too many toes and it all gets frustrating. However, the mess may be what you need right now and a little heads up, nothing will be perfect.

There will be days when everything is going right, your step is light and you feel as if you are invincible. At such a time nothing is impossible and your marvel at your stamina and resilience. There is nary a dark cloud lurking nearby, the horizon is clear and you know you will make it. Those days are golden, enjoy them but be prepared for the turbulence of your off days. On those days all you want to do is sit somewhere and cry, sometimes you don’t know why and sometimes you do. You remember all the hurt that you thought you swept away, all the disappointments and wonder if they all will come back again. On those days you doubt yourself, you have no answers and you feel the tentacles of cold failure squeezing the life out of your progress.

On those days if you cry that is okay, if your thoughts are dark it’s also okay. However, you cannot remain there too long because those feelings and those thoughts can paralyse and worse drown you. Never give in, fight dirty if you must. Use every weapon at your disposal – and you have some, just remember them and look for them.

Achieving anything worth having will be messy. We need to remember this and smile and the storms because they will pass in time.

Where You Are

I was just thinking about the fact that when we want to make a change, we feel sometimes like we do not have the tools or that we are not where we need to be to do this. If you are feeling stuck, how do you unstuck? Should you throw caution to the wind and get rid of everything that is holding you back? Or, should you sit and ponder on life’s wonder that has kept you in the same place for so long?

It is easy to cry and complain, but how about if we start where we are to plot our escape. What if we take a new approach, by not resenting people who care nothing about our lives at all because they are busy sorting through theirs. And even if there is a master villain in our lives why not go around or even through them to move further out of their reach?

Where you are is not where you want to be but your attitude there will determine how long you stay. I have come to realise that resentment and anger produce only bad fruits that will poison your optimistic spirit. Hope is good, we hope that things will get better all the time and they can when we begin to work towards those good things. Until then we are just dreamers waiting for our silver lining to be drawn for us. Stop looking at who is doing what, when and how and just focus on what you can do, when, how and where. Look at what you have and work with them, it will work.

For us to achieve those things we want to achieve we need to start where we are and move slowly sometimes toward it, to learn if it is really the right direction. So that if we need to we can pivot get your bearing and go where you need to get to.