Take a Break. It’s Ok!

Take a break from the world
Close your eyes
Feel the lightest breeze
Over your face 
Feel the grass
So fresh
It seems
Like water
Through your hands feel

The water...
- Jenny Diamond

WE ARE AT IT AGAIN. We are about to start a new week and we need some inspo! We’ve got things to do, people to see and we need to get ahead. But while you’re getting ready again to hit the ground running, remember to take a break.

In the middle of trying to get on top, you may need to take a detour and find a quiet place to recharge when your plans go haywire.

We usually become distracted by what is happening around us and not what is happening to us. There is a point at which we feel we cannot take a break or we will be left behind. There is a real and present sense of FOMO. It is a real disease created by the social media craze that many persons, young and old, have been sucked into. We take that same negative energy into real life actions and interactions. We try to be a part of everything and the funny, or not so funny, thing is that when we take this approach we never really end up where we want to be or ought to be.

We begin one venture and in the middle of learning about this new path, we abandon it for one that seems a little more rewarding and exciting. And so we move through life, never really being consistent. We never take the time to revamp our plans or ‘check with ourselves’

This is where you need to take a break!

Is it Really Necessary?

It is necessary to take a break when we become frustrated about everything and everyone. Before we destroy our relationships, it’s necessary to leave everyone behind for a while and take care of our mental and spiritual being. Many may label it as being selfish,and if they do, that’s fine. Its better to be selfish for the short term than bitter forever!

It’s necessary to set goals and achieve them, but your goals should not be all that you care about. There are people always around you, whether you like it or not, that you will interact with. For many of these persons it will be important to protect the quality of the relationship that you have with them. In order to make that relationship stronger though, you may need to take a break from them. Sometimes for a short time and some times for some years. Trust me, you will miss them, value them and love them more when you do see them again.

And it’s just a good idea to take a break and be with yourself. Learn about how you have changed and where you want to be. Take time to evaluate your options, whether it’s at work, school or in your personal life. No one is gonna do it for you. No one will say, “[insert your name], I really think you need to take a break and take some time for yourself” not when they rely on you for everything! Trust me, I am guilty of this.

So, you have to know when you have had enough and take the time you need to come back stronger. Hey, even racing cars get to have pit stops, so why can’t you?

It’s good to want to do your best, to always have things moving like clock work; but guess what? Even the clock will need new batteries to replace the old at some point.

So when you’re running low on fuel and you don’t know what to do, take a break, recharge and get back in the race…

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4 thoughts on “Take a Break. It’s Ok!”

  1. Just what I needed at this time, a reminder to take a break. When so many people are demanding so much from you, their only thought is about what they need from you; it is never about you

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