Set Up Vibes

Set Up Vibes

The spirit was every where now
And everybody was feeling it.
Under one light bulb the main action was taking place...

The Appleton was the centre piece
but the true star bwoy was that burn mi troat culu culu
it set the pace fi a roun a double six 
competition stiff
oldies but goodies
knock yuh back into nex' Tuesday
cool cool.
But the John Crow Batty
will set yuh down faster
than how they will set down Ms Ada.
Yes bwoy deh set up yah bad!

But don't mek the likkle bwoy dem get a sip!

An' don't tink yuh can jus' walk through the people dem place.
At the door
spread wide
Mama Cuite is the sentry who admit or reject 
at will
to deter all di finger-fearing tief dem.

Roun' back watch out fi di hungry belly people dem.
Though the kitchen section
back off
they cling like limpets 
that have no shame because their aim 
is to grab what they can
when the cooks not looking.

Then of course the singing
jumping and gyrating 
waking up the dead
calling them to the celebration
even the cook lef' the pot
a second too long.

In the midst of it all 
while we galivanting
and prancing
we know that to celebrate 
we have to have the seeing so the dead can journey on...

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