Staying In Your Lane.

It’s never a good idea to hijack someone else’s dreams…

Simone Grant 2019

The first reaction to the statement is that the idea of staying in your lane is a bad thing. But not when you make one for yourself. Hear me out.

We all have a standard that we live by and often it has been conceived of by someone else and we are just conforming to it. We dress, eat think and play mainly by what is deemed acceptable and right. However, what if by doing so you end up feeling further from your dreams than you want to be. We read self help books, but it’s someone else’s experience; We get advice but often times we don’t like what we hear. we wait to get what we deserve but would rather return it when we do.

Therefore lets not look at the idea of staying in your lane as a bad thing but a necessary thing.

The road is not always for the fastest but those with the confidence to stay the course!

I recently saw the car above. I have no idea what type of car it is nor the year made BUT I know it’s OLD for our modern roads. Maybe older then my grand mother! I had seen this car once before and noticed that everyone it passed turned to look at it long after it had slowly sped by. Some persons even took out their smartphones to take a pic and on the day i got the picture above, I was no different.I thought, “wow, he is so brave, poor thing!” This from a girl who does not even own a car. Yet again we digress…

But, he seemed very confident with his ride, even when motorists tried to pass him quickly to get away from the “slownesss” of it all. He was focused on enjoying the ride as music blared from his radio or stereo or whatever it was coming out of. And I thought, this guy is very comfortable in his lane. Good for him! Some of us try to serve lanes and end up in a ditch, because we do not belong in the lane we are trying to get to or there are too many vehicles already there and we have been pushed, literally, out of the line.

Nothing’s Wrong with staying in your lane.

There is nothing wrong with staying in your lane. Be confident in the plans you have made; I had a plan from grade nine about what I wanted to do but I did not stick to it. I was influenced by the wishes or the supposed wishes of others and made myself powerless to chart my own course. Don’t let others influence where you want to go and how you get there.

Also, by staying in your lane you are staying true to who you are; so the next time someone wonders why you are the way you are, let them know that’s just the way it is.When you stay in your lane, you don’t have time to be watching anyone else because you are about your business and time wasted watching what others are doing can never be regained. A true waste indeed!

Then consider that just because the ride looks less bumpy on the other said it does not mean that it is. We all have problems and switching lanes to hawk on someone else’s dream is not gonna solve yours. Instead focus and remind yourself what the plan was all along and stick with it! It’s easier to think that you have to make drastic changes all the time in order to get ahead because we see people doing it. We forget that we are not like everyone. Further, we don’t all need to be at the same place at the same time.

Before speeding head first take the time to enjoy the ride and get your bearings.

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