Tribute For a Simply Great Man…


an almost forgotten acquaintance
was in town recently
i noticed that it started raining
just as he ambled in

i remember him as a simple man
growing up, we all wanted
to be doctors, lawyers & teachers
so the blood could ebb out of the village

my friend had much more sober dreams
he asked the heavens to grant him
the imposing peace of the blue-gum in his backyard
& that all the poor send him their tears
so he could be humble like the sun
so the red wax of the stars would not drip onto him

i remembered that man today
& all i think of is his unassuming radiance
like that of a blushing angel

as for his dreams
he tells us
whole forests invade his sleep at night
so that there’s only standing room
for the dreams

© 1995/2003, Seitlhamo Motsapi
From: earthstepper/the ocean is very shallow
Publisher: Deep South, South Africa

I went to a funeral today. It’s all part of life, while we are busy trying to find our way, some hop on the exit line.The poem above was read as a tribute, and it made me think. Do we ever consider what type of tribute we are writing for ourselves. I felt the love for this man , who was a brother,husband, father and friend.And he was a great man. His greatness was not based on wealth or titles amassed but on the simply quiet ways he had positively impacted the lives of everyone he met. He leaves as his legacy not measurable wealth but an example of true success. The ability to rise from mistakes, disappointments and seemingly surmountable challenges to bring joy, healing and comfort to those blessed to have known you.

Live your best life to the fullest because, hey you only live once. But be the best you that you can be while doing so. Then instead of telling everyone you are and were the greatest, everyone will say it for you, when you’re no longer here to show it.

Also keep in mind that the self portrait you paint for others to remember you by, can either evoke deep regret and pain or unrestrained fondness and pleasure.

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