Why I Can Smile…

You see these pearly whites?

You see me Smiling?

Guess why I can smile.

I can smile as I tell it because,

I’ve been to hell and back

The world is filled with the perfect storms to make you fail.There are many among us who walk around everyday with a permanent smile. They are always busy moving here and there, conquering the world. Many may say those smiles are fake and that they are fake for wearing them. Others are harsh in how they judge them people (well really who has the right to judge) based on our suspicion of their smiling faces. But sometimes their smiles are the badges that they earn from going to hell and surviving to tell the tale…

Finding Strength in Weakness.

Have you ever met someone who has been through tragedy after tragedy and they seem content and happy? It’s not because they are cold,heartless or flippant about the experience. It’s because at some point they had nothing to smile or laugh about; they could not. There was a time when all they had were cold tears for comfort and a darkness that was their constant companion. There was a time when all they could do was stand still as they were battered by the difficulties of life.

When all else fails many of us turn to laughter to lighten the load, but many also do not. We forget our faith and ignore all good intentions, in our anger with life and all the struggles we experience. We feel resentful of those who seem to be doing well, stress free or carefree; and it seems like this chapter will never end.

When you begin to emerge from the nightmare, is when you can smile

For those who have been at their lowest and survived, there is a sense of rebirth, a second chance to live out their dreams, live their purpose.So they smile in the telling of their struggles and laugh at their failures. They are happy not mostly for having had those moments, but for surviving them. They can smile now in nostalgic remembrance of a time when they experienced a dessert so dry that their tears disappeared and they thought they would never again what it felt to cry. When they relearn the act of crying they will cry tears of joy, because they have been to hell and back.

Before you dismiss someone’s right to smile and laugh at the oddest of moments, consider what they may have been through to earn them.Instead join them when they are able to find pleasure in simple things, knowing that if you have not done so yet, you will eventually be making your own trip to hell and back.When you do, you too will be ready to give your testimony, through tears of joy and a lighthearted laughter.

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