Fear is the Killer of Dreams

Many people use a dream board or a vision board for inspiration in realizing their dreams. I have always heard of a vision board. Personally, when I first heard of it, and being the true pessimist, the thought of doing one seemed odd and slightly gimmicky. Why waste time to create something to look at? How will this help you to achieve your dreams? Therefore each time I read about or watched videos on creating a vision board I either scoffed or laughed at the very idea of this time wasting activity. Why worry when you have God! Alas, even with God many of us still do not realize our dreams. Instead, we set aside our faith and embrace fear.

There are many dreams that have killed along the way. Along with this, the enthusiasm for life is currently on life support, for many. Fear cripples you and can make the strongest among us the weakest. A sure win becomes a devastating loss when we allow fear to control the game.

We maybe afraid to fail, to lose control, to make a mistake, to say something wrong, to be seen in a bad light and so on and so forth. Guess what? All of those things have already happened are happening and will happen. Its impossible to do the right things all the time. Many become their own worst critics and before they even begin the effort they have lost all. Their fear of failure becomes the stone that is wedged in their path, a stumbling block they cannot move.

All we can do is to take that leap of faith.

If we intend to take responsibility for the space we occupy, then we need to defeat fear. We may not always be confident about our choices but we do not have to be paralyzed by a fear that will vanquish our dreams. It may be difficult, but we have to try not to feed into the negative comments, experiences and opinions of other. Dust off those great ideas before someone else takes the credit, make your move and block out fear with an inner confidence in your ability, that will tear down walls and lead to you charting a new course. Take that leap and believe that you will land safely on the other side. After all your faith is your safety net.

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