Just be Still!

“Being still does not mean don’t move. It means move in peace.” 
E’yen A. Gardner

I woke with these words in mind, “be still and know that I am God”.

I spent an entire day trying to figure out the message in this, and these words became my companion for the day.

It’s hard for many to be still – well at least for most of us! This inability to remain still and not be active is mission impossible for many. “There is a party that we must attend, things we need to do and achievement medals waiting to be collected!” We do not feel safe with ourselves and our thoughts and so we turn to the noise around us to delay our confrontation with self.We do not trust us to be with us. We turn to various sources, such as social media,reading endless books or watching marathon after marathon on the television, to distract us and entertain us, when we just can’t be bothered.Be still is no fun what so ever.

But there will come a time when it is necessary. A part of being still is being calm and not worrying or overthinking. We lose our calm when we hold on desperately to things that do not benefit us. Whether they be negative emotions or people. In an effort to appease others, we end up being constantly on edge and trade a peace of mind for a life time of disturbances that quickly wear us out. Eventually, we lose the ability to be aware of what is happening to and around us. We find ourselves in situations that could have been avoided, “If only we had paid attention”. At this point it is too late for us to do anything to change the course of things. Now we have reached the segment in our journey called,”wait and see”…

We need to take charge by being still and letting all the anxious and self deprecating thoughts go. Many of us do not know that there is value in stillness. How it can allow us to let go of unwanted baggage . Letting go is also about being still.When our inactivity is noticed, those who were never really here for us, will slowly wander off to find another host.Someone to give them what they want – which, sorry to say, is no longer you.Lets stop striving for things that are not for us and being with people who are not truly with us; to be at a place were we are not ready or even suppose to be.

We waste time moving aimlessly from one experience to the next without meaningful gain. Never knowing how much more rewarding it is, to get off at the bus stop and wait for the right transportation to take us on our journey.

Be still and let go!

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