What’s in Your hand?

Many times we focus on what we do not have and we ignore what we do have. We do not take the time to nurture what we have and truly miss the opportunity to really transform our lives and the lives of those around us.

Sometimes the “little” that we have carry the greatest reward…


It is a common mistake that we make and we do not realize how much we have cheated ourselves until its too late to really do something about it. It’s too late. Those three little words haunt many.

So what do you have in your hand?

what are the things that you take for granted because you are always hungry for more?

It could be material possessions, untapped talents or even the people who are always around. Those who keep us going when we do not have the strength to carry ourselves.Those who motivate us when we are paralyzed by fear. Sadly, they are usually the ones we take for granted.

When I think of all the persons who have touched my life in a positive way I feel truly grateful. I think of all the strong black women who have influenced me and I know I have been given a precious gift that money cannot buy. It may sound cliche, but let’s be honest it is the truth.The things that value the most, are the things that carry no price tag.The people who help to make us the best we can be.Those (simple blessings).

There are many times that we complain of not having enough.But we ignore the stories of those who have less but do not complain; they just get things done. Those who are oppressed but have the mental and physical superhuman strength, to survive abuse of one kind or another and smile laugh and cry but make it through those hard times. Those who walk with death everyday but do not stop living the best they can.

Use what you already have to transform your world. Look at what you have in your hand…

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2 thoughts on “What’s in Your hand?”

  1. Thanks, Simmy. You are right, of course. We often take ourselves, our families and friends for granted. We limit ourselves and our experiences. Sometimes we are afraid to move out of our comfort zones. Now you have me thinking, examining …

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