What Do You Treasure?

“There is no gem like virtue, no wealth like happiness, no treasure like faith, and no jewel like love.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

The idea of what I really treasure hit me in the most unexpected way recently. There was something materialistic I really wanted and had vowed I would get. I worried, fretted and shed a few tears because getting it seemed impossible. I felt that I hadn’t gotten it because maybe I didn’t deserve it. There were a few moments when I lost sight of why I wanted to get it in the first place. There were so many more important things to consider, more pressing and worth investing in…

The day finally came when it would be mine – I could now get it. But there was great doubt about this desire to get this particular item. Would it be worth getting. despite my sudden fright I got it. But the level of accomplishment and joy I hoped to experience was missing. I was glad I got it but it was not a defining moment in my life. On realizing this I recognized that I had changed- what mattered to me the most, had changed. Maybe a sign of aging. Yikes!

Person Holding Gold-colored and White Jewelry
Is it enough to have treasures in the hand?

But seriously, last year such a purchase would fill me, with cloud nine vibes for days, but not now. And so I had to consider why. Why was it that getting something that seemed impossible to get at first no longer seem to have the same kind of impact as before? Well, my conclusion is that the things I treasure are not the same. At first I felt a bit sad, but then as I thought more about this I realized that owning things is what changed. I no longer get excited about buying things for myself or owning things.


I treasure the time I spend with my friends and people who genuinely love me and have my back. I treasure the times when I am healthy enough to do the things I want to do. I treasure the chance to do what I want when I want and HOW I want to do it. I treasure having the option of dreaming dreams and seeing them come true, or, setting a non- material goal that seemed impossible but was really like a chess game I had won before I started playing. I treasure having the chance to be honest with those around me because they want honesty, and will take it even if it is not kind to them. I treasure people who are real. I treasure the rain – something I once hated by the way. I treasure the beauty I see in things that others do not see value in, people who have no titles or fortune but have something greater – love, dignity and an indomitable spirit. I treasure people in general, because they matter. Their lives and stories matter; their hurts and dreams unfulfilled matter, their triumph matter, because all of the pieces of them are small nuggets which can eventually become apart of my own treasure trove.

While having a car is convenient and owning a home is too, are they enough? Education can be one of the driving forces to being successful but does the success matter above all else. For me one of the greatest treasures I have are my memories. Memories made along the way can be retrieved and admired; they form the basis for hard won lessons learned and carry the essence of people who can live forever in your mind’s eye. I treasure the memories the most, especially the painful ones that forged necessary change. The memories that remind me of what was and how perfect that moment had seemed and still is. I treasure the fact that this me is the only me there is. And finally I can say that my imperfections, make me perfectly suited to be me.

If you had to name your treasure or treasure, what would that be?

“Riches you hold in your hands are inferior to treasures you harbor in your heart.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo
Treasure what’s in the heart not what’s in the hand

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