Betrayed by the One You Love

“The worst kind of hurt is betrayal, because it means that someone was willing to hurt you just to make themselves feel better.”

When you build up someone so much in your mind that you cannot see their faults, whose fault is it? Is it them, for not measuring up to your expectations, or you, for not recognizing or acknowledging their flaws? Which is worse their shortfall or your own.

Denying that you have faults and the person you trust has faults can determine how fast you bounce back from the betrayal of someone you love. It’s hard to admit that people you choose to be around may not always have your best interest at heart. People will betray you for various reasons, but sometimes we give them the power to do. We are too kind, or too trusting and before you know it someone is selling you out for thirty pieces of silver. But how much of it is your fault? Do we forget to protect ourselves by not moving silently when we must. Do we overshare and live too much in our own little worlds to live in reality.

Do we become immune to the fact that others may be looking at what they deem to be our success and be jealous? Many persons experience times when they are envious of what someone has achieved, but many of us are too ashamed to acknowledge that. We would like to think that that is one trait we are able to control, but it’s always there waiting on a moment of weakness to take root. There is always someone who looks at us and wish they could be us – and it’s not a conceited idea. Our ability to strive in spite of, becomes a discouragement for the person who feels they cannot achieve what we have -whether or not we are impress with our efforts. Sometimes that person looking in at us from the outside is the one we love.

By sharing what we have with them, they are made aware of what they do not have. By doing thing they cannot, they see a flaw within themselves that they cannot correct. Also, be jumping over yet another hurdle they become aware that they are falling back in the race to keep up with you. Even someone you love and would do anything for can come to despise what you have been able to achieve – no matter how small it may seem to you.They say little hurtful things to you, or others about you. They act in ways that seem to undermine your attempts at being unproblematic. And they seem to be the most support, the most caring when you have failed in your attempt to reach yet another milestone – because now you are not too far out of their league. That genuine happiness you expected is not forthcoming because that person in their own moment of dissatisfaction with life, finds it hard to be happy for you while their dreams dry up like a raisin to be carried away with the wind.

At least one time in our lives we all will be betrayed by someone close to us, someone we love. When it happens, do you think that maybe it’s not just the ends they were after but also the means. Do you think that maybe that person is suffering just enough to selfishly want your company? Remember that while someone you love can betray you, you have the capacity to betray someone who loves you. Betrayal is a terrible pill to swallow, and can be just as bitter for the one who has to take it, as the one doing the giving.

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