The Road Less Traveled Pt 1


I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference
Robert Frost

The urgency was great on that fateful day in September 1984. For some family members it was a matter of life or death and for others, it was the end of life as they knew it. On that long ago day, a fateful decision was made by one person. Was it better to stay and possibly die, or run and probably live? Leaving what is familiar is one of the most traumatic and life altering actions any one can every make.

Imagine having seven children by the age of thirty now faced with the choice of grabbing five and leaving two  behind. Would you have made such a difficult move? This was the decision that one woman had to make almost 34 years ago. Added to this is the fact that her and her little gang, hardly know the place they were running to. What hidden dangers  lurked ‘just around the corner’? Would they be accepted? Would they be able to survive?

For that woman and her five kids and two grand kids, those may have been some of the doubts that assailed them. The uncertainty of leaving the past, for an unknown future, can be a gut wrenching experience. But she had to do so.

They arrived at her aunt; but really they had nowhere to stay. Her aunt could not accommodate them, though she understood and empathized with their plight. The night was quickly approaching and they could not afford to be caught out in the open, vulnerable to any and all dangers. they had not solved the the puzzle. Where were they to live? Their plans had only reached as far as getting a truck to take them to their destination. Not where they would stay once there.

They had burnt all bridges behind them by running. If they had to face the darkness, they would, because there was nothing of the life left back home for them to return to. This was their destiny now and they had to make the best of it. As they stood looking for some help, some sign of what to do, among them a rebellious heart cried for the return of her yesterday.

But as they stood there they would see hope in the guise of a youth, eager to act as guide and a handcart bwoy, ready to take their load. As long as they kept moving, they would find their tomorrow…

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