Choosing Your Battles

Choose your battles means to be selective of the problems, arguments, and confrontations that you get involved in. Instead of fighting every problem, you save your time only for the things that matter. This means fighting the most important battles and letting go of the rest.

While most persons are familiar with the expression above, they often think about it based on deciding what to pursue, but what if we also think of it in relation to when we pursue something we desire or know is our destiny to pursue. I think it’s more often the case that nothing goes the way you want it to go. There is always a way in which your carefully laid plans are compromised by things beyond your control. you make plans and then here comes the rain, tearing at them bit by bit, until they are no more.

Then there is the case that you remain disciplined, just so you can reach that milestone in your life, and somehow the goal post is moved! We swear we are about to arrive, but then someone goes and change the venue, to a place we know not where, before we reached.

To make things even worse, we move about like mad ants, doing our best to make that thing happen, and just when we think it’s about to come together, we are hit with road block after road block; that great immovable stone. Just behind that stone lies the realization of a dream that may fail to be realized, unless we can push the blockages out of our way to reach it in time. Everything just seems a little out of reach, as my granny use to say, ” Jackass seh di worl nuh level “( It is possible for you to do everything right and still end up failing. It is possible for those who cheat and practise corruption to be successful. It’s just the way the world is – even if we feel like this is unfair ).

At this point we see the writing on the wall and decide to back down, give up, throw in the towel. We convince ourselves it’s okay to quit, move on and forget this loss.But obstacles do not equal obsolete, a detour does not mean a denial and delays only give us more time to prepare and come back stronger. Choosing your battle does not have to mean to give up on a dream. It can mean waiting on the right time to stake your claim, making that move to find your moment. It means surrendering to what must be, even if it is not what you want it to be at that time. The storm may rage, but only for a time. It is after the storm that you must take action; rebuild and reclaim that which may have been lost and get back to your fighting ways. Do not just pick your battles and skip over what may seem impossible or too difficult; but instead, decide when you will or need to do battle.

“The bad thing about my life is I have struggled a lot even to get the easiest ones but the good thing is I had the courage to fight for everything”

― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
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