Praise Song

Praise Song


From the deepest bowels of hell
I scream
my release
"born, born, born again 
thank God I'm born again"...
forged from fire
born of water and the spirit
and the blood...
My tears 
fall away like scales
Thank God
I am no longer for sale
no longer a slave!
From my mouth
a spring well of sage


see how far you are
if the voice you carry
carries thunder and fire
to ignite and inspire
the dead to rise again.
bow low
but stand tall
when you hear the call
the call to worship.

I am planted deep
and deep
I come from


You Will Learn!

When people Show you who they are. Why don’t you believe them?

Maya Angelou

Bigger Than You.

Just Listen

Why are you mad?

why are you getting heated?

This was never about you

why are you waiting?

Standing there by yourself

No one told you to

No one expected that of you.

I’m lazy

So what?

This ain’t about you.

you’re scared?

I frighten you?


Who told you it was your fear to carry?

Why are you still here?

I thought you left

A long time ago.

Okay stay there.


Stand there.

Expect more than you were promised.

If you want to wait 

for the hundredth time

that’s your problem.

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The poem above sums up the idea of how misguided we can be – more often than not. we project our secret hopes, desires and wishes on people and white wash their true character. We blame others for our unhappiness and disappointments. Personally, I believe that this is too much power to give another person over your live. Yet we continuously do so, needing to learn the lesson over and over – but never benefiting from it.

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It’s dangerous to depend on others to make you happy and to make life worthwhile. The danger lies in the fact that you can actually create that person from your imagination and place this ideal in front of who they truly are. it is dangerous when you blindly follow that image to the detriment of your own peace of mind and even life! We feel compelled to give others the benefit of the doubt, even if it kills us. Quite literally. It becomes dangerous when we see the person for who they are but still insist on perusing that image. However, at this point it is no longer their problem, but solely ours.

Having faith and trusting in people is good. But this does not mean that we should abandon all common sense. There is something also very narcissistic in expecting others to be a certain way, the way you envision, “just for me“. In thinking that we have that special something that will compel them to believe that what has been working for them, is of no more value to them. The person who proclaims him or herself as being something specific, means that they genuinely believe it. It means that they accept and will always strive to be that way, no matter what others may say or think. It is not just that the person has a warped notion of self, but that they have self-determined who they are.

Believe them, do not make any excuse for them. Accept that not everyone will be the way you want them to be. Their words and actions are powerful because it shapes who they are. Accept that they sincerely know more about who they are, enough to clearly express it. Believe in their words and take comfort in their actions. And if it does not align with your vision, move along and be content in your disappointment.

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Just Because…

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that You would indeed bless me and enlarge my territory, and that Your hand would be with me, and You would keep me from evil so that it does not hurt me!” And God granted his request.

1 Chronicles 4:10

The irony of words is that they are easier to say than do. Its easy to say you will change the world, sitting in the backyard of your parents’ house. It’s easy because no one is there to challenge you. If you say it at a whisper, then no one will know if you failed and you can go back to being your normal self.

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We tell ourselves it’s enough to do what we have been told and just getting by. We do not ask for much and in turn we get little. We then complain because we got exactly what we asked for and then complain how unfair the world is. But we never take responsibility for the dreams we gave up too quickly, to following the assembly line of a “cookie- cutter- live”.

We may be at this stage of living this way because it seemed impossible to grab that dream and make it real. We thought and listened to all the reasons why it could not be. And so it was never to be. Instead of listening to the noise from outside, sometimes it’s more vital to look within and depend on the Spirit instead of the flesh. Only then will we be able to accept, if we still have doubts, that anything is truly possible if we believe. We need to remember Jabez’s prayer when we feel we are too small to dream big and too powerless to expect more:

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