You Are Not My Enemy

You Are Not My Enemy

I see you bleeding
just like me
In anguish you scream!
Just like me.
You too have dreams
like me too.
I see you
in me
and me in you.
You are not my enemy
and that is the key
to restoring your humanity
in me.
The Darkness
would have it not so
it gives strive, hate and pain
creates a wall
and locks us into unbroken
But I see you
and know this to be true
You are not my enemy.
Me and you, me and you?
Our love can be heavenly. 

On Being Saved

On Being Saved

I got baptized at nineteen
But God is just now saving me.
The water that fateful day
did not clense me
but hard won sorrow like a river
washes away the dirt and decay.
I stepped on the world stage
almost drowned
but God pulled me back
by my kinky hairs and counted each strand
to make sure they were still there.
Now I must come correct.

I really tried to be perfect,
but with each stroke
a piece broke
and the wood had to be refashioned.
Pillaged by too much Arrogance
left half dead by the way side
I now wear the cloak of humility.

Nineteen years,

I was wet behind the ears,
now I am driven by a burning Holy fire.
Disrobed ,
I stand changed by my perfet imperfections.