Think in Peace

Think in Peace

I sit in the garden,
the garden of peace,
and rest upon the Lord.
Then a great rushing voice
like a might wind
spoke gently to my soul

"Think in peace, 
and live in peace
and know that you are blessed.

Rest contented,
be at ease,
you know you are defended
by the master and His elects.

For here in this garden
there is no burden
only salvation
of this you can be certain".

Where Your Mind Go

Where You Mind Go

Just remember this my friend
where your mind go
your body will follow.
A man can see
before he must be.
But friend what is your imagination?
Do you see yourself as great or small?
then surely you will fall
for the lie that kills
that allows the truth to be born
unless you use your will
to meet The King
and stand on that hill
fully planted upon solid Rock.



You have been called.
What will you do?
Will you melt away like snow
or dry up with the dew?
See they are all
just looking at you
to make a move.
No, standing still
this will not do.

Do you hear?
You are being called
tell me will you allow fear,
a growing dread and dispair
to paralyse you
or worse,
cause you to disappear
on the ignoble frontier.

Now you must decide:
Will you fold ineffectually 
Or rise 
sure-footed and committed?

This Thorne

This Thorn

It is perfect
This thorne in my side
at first I denied to smile
Through this thorn
in my eyes.
The wait is long
now I cannot see
my hope grew strong.
So to God I sing
a new song
Now I know
where I belong.
Since I surrendered
I can sense this great love
the plans I had for me
no longer convinces me
Now it is His great plan
that qualifies me.

Your Walk

Your Walk

When you begin your walk,
you will know who you are,
you will be who you are,
and give of who you are.

When you begin your walk,
the least will be great
in your heart,
you will forget your fairy dreams
and live in your steps,
real dreams.

When you begin your walk,
you will know when to wait
and do what must be done,
before it is too late.

When you begin your walk,
you will honour those at your gate,
for they are your fate,
they will make you great.
For to build them up 
is to be graced 
with an overflowing plate.

Caterpillar to a Butterfly

Caterpillar to a Butterfly

Look at me move
I move so fast.
No one can stop me now.
I believe I can fly.
nimbly I move 
from tree to tree
Oh my this is sweet!
I eat all day,
and there is nothing you can say.
I am a master 
an expert you see
There is nothing better 
than what I am called to be.

But suddenly
I get tired
and must rest.
So in my cocoon
I make my nest.

But as I wake 
look up and stretch
I feel my body has reset!
Where once I was long and around
glory be! 
That catterpillar cannot be found!
In its place I now have wings!
And guess what?
They flutter, flop and sing.
Now I can move at lightening speed
Oh this is so much more fun!
Oh yes indeed 
this is a dream!

But For the Grace of God…

But For the Grace of God...

But for the grace of God
there go I...
Broken I am not
defeated no more
I can speak
of past disasters 
that remained untold.
But for the grace of God
I can stand
after sitting in decay
to the Light I prayed
I said yes and was blessed
for I could have been like the rest
but my weakness I confessed
and by grace finished the test.
Now I know,
but for the grace of God
there I go.