April Rising

April Rising

April Rising like a Pheonix - 
No praying mantis.
Lying dormant for too long
I emerge like Aphrodite
ready to pick my grapes.
Better yet ready to release
all the creative juice
centered in my back.
Though I am rooted in this spot
I will bloom
spread wide
bold and in control
of my destiny.
I roam the ground grounded
in search of my destiny.
In the Nothern skys
I reach for my growth
to pick of the tree of life
my new approach 
my destiny

Fill Me Up

Fill Me Up

I stop at the well
too week to lift my basket
i rest against it.
Just a drop
of hope renewed
to wake me from deep sleep.
I have gone grey 
before my time
near dust.
Here I know
no prince charming to wake me up.
I need no dare-devil
to shake me awake.
What I need is to be filled!
Filled with love, laughter and life.
I need you to pour into me
all the good around you that you see
touch, taste and feel.
Fill me up
so I will thirst no more.

Hold On

Hold On

My friend..!
For your sake
for my sake
hold on!
the branch right there
too slim.
The rock over so
too sharp.
I see the blood 
hold on!

my heart
in my throat
hold on!
Don't fall now
just so.
The rain falling
slippery slope
down below.
forsaken we are 
battered we are
hold on!

let me 
pull you
push you 
let the blasted 
old piece a cloth go!
Hold on !
wipe the tears
see the sun 
and let it light the way.
Hold on!
for you and I
because this is our journey.

Your Turn!

Do you ever feels its your turn?

What happened? Did things change? Did you work hard for it or did you just hope and pray?

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We may have felt from time to time that it’s our turn to do what we were destined to do!

But somehow things just never worked out.

Maybe it’s because we need to click on the link that gets us to the place we need to be (there’s a thought).

Is it your turn?

Only you can decide that.

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No one can make your dreams come true, only you can, by putting the work needed. And even though we know this, we always could use a reminder. We are bombarded by all the things we have to do to get by. However, this state of affairs cannot be our end game. We need to do what we have to do, in order to do what you want to do. And sometimes when it’s our turn we may think we are not ready, but that’s because we do not know how strong we have become. All we need is the right timing to prove this to ourselves. Sometimes your turn is when you feel like you’re not ready!

What do you do when it’s your turn? Will you be ready to take advantage of all the opportunities waiting for you? We are good at dreaming about the things we want to do but we can defeat ourselves if we do not believe that we deserve our turn when it comes.

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So what ever it may be, believe that it is your turn and everything will always work out the way it is suppose to. All you need to do is remember that when your turn comes, it’s not just about you, it’s not just about what you can get and how much you can get; it’s about being true to you. Also, make sure that when your turn comes, you make the most of it!

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The Poor Cry Out

Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor
Will also cry himself and not be heard.

Proverbs 21:13

There I was trying as quickly as possible and as covertly as possible trying to eat my fried eggs. It did not matter that a big chunk had fallen on the ground and quite without shame I quickly scooped it up and ate- do not judge it was too big a piece to leave there. So I had finished the eggs and was about to destroy a piece of bulla ( rich Jamaican cake made with molasses and spiced with ginger and nutmeg, sometimes dark-colored and other times light-colored ), when a man approached with a dog jumping around his feet. I was so taken by the playful nature of the dog, that I asked him if it belonged to him and he confirmed this. He looked a bit hesitant and asked if the dog being there was bothering me to which I said no. He sat and I returned to my job of the bulla destruction. Suddenly he asked me if I was a christian, and I said yes – I figured it must be the hairstyle. He then asked me a question no one had ever asked me – well not a completely stranger – he asked, “can you pray for me?”

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First, that killed my appetite, which was a bit shocking – I love bulla! Because I had not expected it I hesitated, but I was also intrigued by his request. What could have caused a healthy look young man to make such a request of a stranger. I asked him what was the problem; I saw that he was at first hesitant to do so, but as we could not proceed without me knowing the why – yes I am very stubborn – he did so. He told me that he was behind on his rent by three months and the landlady was about to throw him out. He told me of a friend – not a friend – who would help him for a price that was too high and of his son who he needed to get some groceries for because he really did not have the money to buy food. Well I thought, “I will have to do my best”, I have to pray for him. As I prayed, the words came and as the words came I heard this big strong man crying. No silent tears running down his cheeks but when I finished praying and opened my eyes, it was a proper ugly cry. And at that moment I was reminded that there are persons we walk with everyday and whom we talk to, who smile with us, and are suffering.

His burden was too heavy to continue to carry and so he sought someone, even for a moment to help him to carry it by interceding to God on his behalf. After I had eaten that fallen piece of egg, I did wonder about germs. However, after my encounter with that man I realize that for some people germs are the least of their concerns. For some the line between them and complete despair has become so blurred that all they can do is cry out.

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