Children of the Day

Children of the Day

For you are all children of light
children of the day
you cannot be swayed
by what they have to say.
Though they revel in your temporary dismay
you are not delayed
but the evil ways
they choose will lead them astray.
Within you no dark places
no unbroken spaces
to let the darkness in.
So shine in every corner
your light that sustains
the beauty of the day.

Peenie Wallie

Peeny Wally

I spread my bioluminescence self
you cannot contain me.

You see me before you can scent me
your reward is my presence.

I dim for no one
I am second to none.

Against your will
you are drawn to me

I light your way to see
your own destiny.

Small axe cut down big tree
that's me

On my wings you will be free.