To Encourage You…

There are times when we need to remember to look beyond the now to the truth of what has always been. So, here are eight way to rethink, and eight encouragements for any situation.

Don’t make yourself small to fit into someone else’s plan

You will shine the brightest once you have learned how to navigate those dark places

You do not fit where you are and so that is where you belong

You can only be a victim if that is the story you sell to yourself

You have to be ready to receive the table that God has prepared for you

Being stuck forces you to get stronger to push those stones out of your way

Hard times are the best times because they challenge how you think so you can finally make real that potential that’s been waiting in the wings.

Changing your location does not solve your problems only you can decide when there are no problems only opportunities.

Your thoughts impact your quality of life



I feel
No perturbed.
And cannot get no peace.
Even in this moment
I seek some relief.
I know I am not forsaken 
but somehow...
but this bile rising
cannot be mistaken
for the bickle I had partaken.
I feel the burden
weighed down with guilt
pricked in the heart
I dear not fall asleep.
Instead I must go forth
to change this thing
take out the sting
so I can be forgiven.

In My Weakness

I felt the stab
sharper than the sword 
that knows no limit
the sword of the Spirit.
I am weak!
I cried 
and fell
to my knees.
Sufficient He is
so here I will rest awhile,
He carries me.
A burden too great
for anybody else.
I will lay here on this table here so
while He puts me back together again
removes the thorn
tormenting me.
What if I cried 
into laughing
there is power in my weakness?

Children of the Day

Children of the Day

For you are all children of light
children of the day
you cannot be swayed
by what they have to say.
Though they revel in your temporary dismay
you are not delayed
but the evil ways
they choose will lead them astray.
Within you no dark places
no unbroken spaces
to let the darkness in.
So shine in every corner
your light that sustains
the beauty of the day.

Every Blooming Thing.

Every Blooming Thing.

Every blooming thing is a treasure
and all must grow and thrive
nothing must be left below
they must sway and dance day and night.

Every blooming thing has beauty
natural and not contrived
spreading wide enough to gather
all the bouncing shining lights.

Every blooming thing must produce
their talents must be used
to give love and life
and so be profuse.

Every blooming thing must live
so all their talents they can give
to those weary beaten broken souls 
who need their fragrance to forgive!

You Need God.

You Need God.

Simple things matter.
Trees give oxygen
they need nutrients
water and sun.
Birds fly in the air
they have no fear
but they need nectar, water
and somewhere to stay.
Fish need oxygen
to shelter from the storm
but to keep their lives afloat
they must breath outside a boat.
But people,
need more than food,
oxygen and air,
to feed their very soul 
they need a kiss from heaven.
To truly stetch, strive and survive
they need God in their lives.

Friend Or Foe?

Friend Or Foe?

Taught in school
the golden rule can make fools
slaves to foolish truths
guided in chains from medusa's head
we are told
let yourselves be led
so someday you can lead the brain-
whose souls have been sucked
in to vault of progress.
But we were never told
that someday too
we would find a tomb
just for us
like those we once led.
Friend or foe 
who goes there
we will never know
because we only see what we were told
and are blinded by the truth.
Shall we call for the Light
even at this late night,
one more time,
and pray for us
it will come through?