So Much Love to Give

So Much Love to Give

She has so much love
to give to the world
stored up in her basket.
But the world refused it.
So she sent it down the stream
to protect it
from the evil inside of all a we.
She said "Momma River 
take care of it,
and send it back whole".
So much love to give
to the whole damned world.

She divined the stars and moon
journeyed with the Sun
and fought many a mansoons
to find that love basket.
She even stopped at the dreaded Poison Ivy
to ask her the way.

 Now she stands on the head of Goliath
observing all before her to guide the way.

Be That Friend.

A disclaimer here, I am not big on beauty pageants. So when the Miss Universe and Miss World Competitions rolled around I did not even know.

When Miss South Africa won I was a bit surprised, I thought”oh that’s nice” and I kept it moving.

Then I was even more surprised on Saturday when I read that Miss Jamaica had won the Miss World competition – was it even on the telly? But as a Jamaican I was happy for her, her family and everyone who was happy for her. I was happy because everyone was happy -there was a lot of happy going around, another black beauty queen. For real, mmmm.

But Miss Nigeria man…

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Now Miss Nigeria really got my attention. I mean she went all out with celebrating and she wasn’t the one with the crown! And I thought, “She is the mad friend I want”.

My aunt jokingly related that she thought Miss Nigeria had won because she seemed more excited than Miss Jamaica and when I saw it for myself I understood what she meant.

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I also thought, here is someone you would be happy to have in your corner. You just needed one of her to be your cheerleader. We all could use a friend like that, but also we all need to strive to be a friend like that.

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Be a friend who does not care about getting the applause or outshining those around her. A friend who is not afraid to big yuh up when she sees you need it. A friend who just needs you to just be you no matter what. A friend who celebrates with you, cries with you laughs and cuss every and anyone who tries to diss you. Be a friend who knows that when one of us wins, we all win.

It made me start to look at the kind of friend I have been so far and question how I can be better.

It doesn’t take much to show that you are genuine, just be a friend like Miss Nigeria. Be ready to go all out in your support if the occasion calls for it.

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