The Cornerstone

The Cornerstone

I will make you sit
to see above your head
I will make you kneel
to properly cleanse
I will make you squat
to balance what is on your head
I will make you stand
to see many a horizon
I will make you stretch
to reveal what is hidden
I will make you leap
to grow and touch the sky
I will make you rest
after having passed the many tests
I will be your fortress
so you can shelter from the storms
I will build you up
you will never be destroyed.

A Wisp of Steam

A Wisp of Steam

Slowly you rise
stretched thin
before their eyes
controlled by heat
moulded by fire.
you dear to defy
try to deny
your destiny.
in your eyes
you do not see
the truth
you disappear
into thin air.

The Light in your Heart

The Light in your Heart

That light within 
can never go dim
never be snuffed out
nor tossed about
into the sea to swim or sink.

That light within
cannot be dismissed on a whim
because it insists
that it must exist
where there is life.

That light within
can be renew on a hymn
of thanksgiving
for the love you display
when you encourage it to stay.

That light within
lifts up your heart
each day requiring a new start
to all that you are
and all the possibilities it brings.

This is the light in your heart...

Position Yourself

Position Yourself

Position Yourself
and find the place
where you can occupy the space
intended for you.
Position yourself
to accept your calling
knowing that in the morning
you will know your calling.
Position yourself
ease into your place
and be still in that time
that you will find sublime,
sublimely yours.
Feel, know and hear the whispers
of truth 
denied in the lies of death.
Position yourself,
stand firm,
hold your position,
for the battle is not yours...