Say When!

Sometimes your only available means of transportation is a leap of faith

Margaret Shepard

We all have places we need to be, want to be and would like to be. However, many of us never get to where it is we ought to be. Why is that? Have you ever wondered?

A few of us may try to answer this by saying that we picked up responsibilities we did not plan for along the way, or, responsibilities picked us up when we weren’t careful enough!

Whatever your likely answer, the point is that we are still waiting for the ticket to be made that will secure a smooth journey. Guess what? Any ticket we see floating pass us will never be the right one.

All the answers that we come up with are just excuses. They help us to feel better when we allow fear to control us.

“Oh its not because I am afraid, it’s because the time is not right!” So… who are you trying to fool?

Guess what again?

The time will never be right. There is no perfect time to make your move.

In the words of Luvvie Ajayi, “get comfortable with being uncomfortable“. And sometimes that means stepping out into the unknown. A thought that is absolutely, positively terrifying. But guess what?

It is absolutely necessary, for real change to take place.

So, as the new year starts getting old. Yes old. And so do you; one year older. Are you willing to take that leap of faith? Are you willing to step on that bridge that seems about to collapse and start that change?

Though you may have many false starts, (I definitely know what I am talking about here), never let that cripple your momentum. Never let fear contain and disable you. Never wait on any person to tell you when.

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