I Carved Myself

I carved myself today….


The old rotting wood?

Termites everywhere?


These chinks now have new chinks to play with.

I made the nose myself

love it!

The Hair…

It was hard to control.

But I love it!


The hips got too wide.

I smiled.

The legs as thick as a tree trunk.

But they fit.

There was some drooping here and there

but I used some sticks to the keep them afloat.

What do you know?

It worked!

There is a crooked spot… but it will get the job done.

But the shoulders were broad broad

To take on the whole world… if necessary.

Hopefully not.

The lips thick enough to voice all displeasure

Gentle enough to smile and laugh

in the face of all opposition to my beauty, intelligence. my strength of conviction.

The hands were enough

to fling you out the way

if I must.

Gentle but Knowledgeable enough to heal.

Feet big enough to walk any path taken.

It was tall enough to overlook your limited vision

of me.

It was firm enough to survive any attack.

Today I carved myself…

It will live forever…

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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