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Change can be a challenging concept; especially when you don’t know what the he** you are doing! Fear is the worst defense you can make, when you thought someone else would have made things easier for you by clearing a path that you can see into eternity and beyond.

There is a poem that I wrote ten years ago (Yeah… digest that fact) I recently found it, and I believe it is very relevant when we think about personal growth. I will insert it here:

Malum discordiea

  Media Vita in Morte Sumus

Lily had been in that garden,

Where the waters flowed endlessly…

Where the green grandeur of the vegetation,

Soothed the mind and soul.

Then one day, without warning,

She jumped on a rickety rollicking raft,

Along with the slimy traitor;

Who’s eyes hypnotized and blinded.

Lily felt so nice going down on that raft-

The wind in her hair,

As the resplendent beauty of what she was leaving behind, swirled by;

Leaving her dizzy with joy.

The ride ended though, in a whirlpool of decay.

The traitor has been ordered to crawl always,


And Lily,

For her crime,

Has been sentenced to everlasting misery….

Malum discordiae= Latin for “apple of discord”

Media vita in morte sumus=Latin for “in the mist of our lives we die”

My reaction to this poem after so many years: how depressing! And trust me it is depressing, if that is all you focus on. There are some good lessons to take from this also.

Lilly was a novice who obviously was not prepared for all the world had to offer. Good and definitely bad.

But if Lily truly had a vision of what she wanted to accomplish. If she truly understood who she was and her purpose, things would have turned out differently.

She obviously had no fear of charting her own course. Of taking a risk especially when things seemed questionable. And sometimes we need to say, enough is enough, and move forward with courage.

But while we get ready to do so, we must remember that what we leave behind has helped to shape us and not everything we encounter will be for us. Unlike Lily we need to make sure that we hold the reigns firmly on this new path, that we understand that we need to look for the right sign posts to get to where we ought to be.

Lily’s only crime here, is that she was not been adequately prepared for the journey. She had nothing. Especially not her common sense. Her hair blew with the wind but she did not bend with it. And so we know that Lily did not make it.

Let’s hope that as we grow and evolve because life changes; we can bend with the wind when we have to do so. We can remember that even evolving is a process that takes time, not a quick sprint…

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