Unending Love

Unending Love

I have died several times.
I have been beaten countless times.
Left bloody
the earth swallowed my life's essence
Yet I am still here.
I have been lost countless times
I tasted defeat
stabbed in the back
I bleed relentlessly.
Yet I am still here.
In the dark
I was stripped to my bare bones.
pecked and picked at
I was a tattered mess.
Blinded by fear
I have been mocked and jeered.
I have been left to crawl
across molten lava.
Yet I am here!
Defeated in battle
abandoned by the troops
through Sargasso wide and far I have weaved.
Left behind 
too slow for the "we"
I was made a pariah 
A bud balling for release.
Yet I am here!
Yet I am here!
Yet I am here!


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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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