The Cliche

I woke


I eat

take a bath

get ready for work.

I work


I work long


a little


a little


a little.

I am a walking, talking, breathing cliche.

I fold my clothes just so

no more.

I turn to get the perfect light.

I wear my clothes

straight from the runway

in my closet.

created by designers

with an electrotype agenda.

You can’t spot me in the crowd.

I am the crowd.

My body must be this big.

No more.

My voice should not carry

beyond my throat.

It’s better to suffocate than embarrass.

I was presented with a canvas the other day

had no idea what to do with it

there was no manual.

I threw it away

picked up a book

made me so wise.

It said,

‘Live your best life’

‘You can do it!’

so I hopped on the bus to get there faster.

But when the bus reached its destination

I did not see my ‘best life’

I still did not know what I could do.

Had it been the wrong bus?

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