Imagine uma nova historia para sua vida e acredite nela

Paulo Coelho

Can you feel the cool


of something new and fresh?

Can you feel something flick and

flutter gently across your skin?

feel the essence of which you have always been

as it wraps around you

hold you

comfort you

heal you

Stretch so high and so wide

beyond all and every limitations.

Open your eyes wide to the truth.

To the reality that can construct

and just be true

to you.

Now stand.

Firmly in the knowledge of your own power.

To change the story that has been written

by someone else for someone else

who could never carry all of you.

Because you cannot be contained.


Grab that thread that

will take you to where you should have always


Hold it tightly.

Absorb its energy.

And make it real

so it can never die.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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