In My Weakness

I felt the stab
sharper than the sword 
that knows no limit
the sword of the Spirit.
I am weak!
I cried 
and fell
to my knees.
Sufficient He is
so here I will rest awhile,
He carries me.
A burden too great
for anybody else.
I will lay here on this table here so
while He puts me back together again
removes the thorn
tormenting me.
What if I cried 
into laughing
there is power in my weakness?

Battle scars

Battle Scars

Your battle scars 
say who you are.
Have none?
Then you have not learned 
a thing worth learning.
Or perhaps, 
you try to hide them.
Ashamed with a sense of disgrace
that you were bested.
Fear not,
though your scars are alot
they are your testimonies 
that you survived,
they anoint your flesh
reminding you of the tests
that have made you your best
in a world where sorrow
obscures many a tomorrows.
So wear them proudly,
They your purple hearts.

Tear Down Those Idols

Tear Down Those Idols

Whom do you love
and give your time to
your life to
and to it give your peace?
Whom do you listen to
allow to lead you
access you
and when frightened, entreats?
Whom do you trust
above the ones you love
and take the time
to lose your time to?
Whom do you shadow
make promises to
and whom pray tell
do your very soul pursues?

Pursue beauty
pursue you
pursue what God says is true.
There is greatness poured 
into the grey to bring forth the colours
that lies said were untrue of you.

You Are Not My Enemy

You Are Not My Enemy

I see you bleeding
just like me
In anguish you scream!
Just like me.
You too have dreams
like me too.
I see you
in me
and me in you.
You are not my enemy
and that is the key
to restoring your humanity
in me.
The Darkness
would have it not so
it gives strive, hate and pain
creates a wall
and locks us into unbroken
But I see you
and know this to be true
You are not my enemy.
Me and you, me and you?
Our love can be heavenly. 

No one is Good….

No one is Good

God is good
but you are not.
No one is good
but God.
Everything is within God
and He places it in you
to do.
He shares
what was always His to share
and your efforts cannot compare.
To be good
you need to do what is right
but right is greater than good.
You labour 
but labour in vain
until you see the possibilities
that looked imposible.
Though in the net-
a web of deceit-
With Him,
you shall be plucked from your obscurity
into the reality
of your conspicuity.
But know thyself
enough to know
your good desires
came from a greater Source
that called to you
then came to you
then sent you
so He can use you.

Your Memories

Your Memories

Be careful what you do
or your memories could haunt you.
Don't listen to what they say - 
"never mind,mistakes can happen anyday".
Soon you may begin to think
one slip is not a big thing
until you're drowning
In the memories of your sins.
Then that mistake
born of ignorance
becomes your king
and decrees a life of suffering.

And you must work hard
toil and call upon the Lord
to provide you a peace offering 
that will soothe those memories
that threaten to do you in
and stick with you
when your skin is paper thin
and your bones need oiling.
So be careful that you do everything
to protect your memories
from being your jailer
that condemn and torture.