The Deferred Dream…

The Deferred Dream...

What happens to a dream deferred?

I am wasting here
in no man's land...

I have reached out for you 
grabbed at your garment

but collect only dirt...

I have tried to entice you
tempt you out of your trap

but you turn to it for comfort...

I have tried to lift you
spirit you away

but too weak I sag...

your burdens are too heavy for me...

Before you are consumed 
by what you lack grab me!

Your madness 
may explode!

Must I remain here?
Must I become dust too?
Must I watch as you struggle blindly -
watch you choke on your own bile
of regret?

Must I too die
in a ditch forgotten?

Must we both suffer because you lack divining?

Broken Mirror

Broken mirror 
shattered soul
splintered into the four dimensions.
Some lost
never to return
pieces buried too deep.
corrupted soul
cursed to suffer
for seven years times eternity
cursed to never be whole again.
should it be dust
or buried by a tree
or left to flow down South.
Broken mirror
become many mirror too.
Each containing a piece of you
you can return to.
Look at each and try to place
the missing pieces back together again.
Look closely and grab the light 
reflected towards you
a different light
that leads you to look at things
Broken mirror
tells a story 
of how you transformed
despite the odds
to become a unique you.