Slow Burn

Slow Burn

Not to fast
or you'll be tired to quick
not too slow
or the motion makes you sick.
If your want reality
you must go slow
If you want to keep your vitality
there is no other way to go
but slow.
half baked 
look all fake
because you never did what it takes
to get the right motion
with a slow burn.
Don't be tempted
and get misrepresented
by going to fast
only to ged passed
along like a rag doll
easy to fall
for this trick and that.
Take it slow
go slow
and learn
how to slow burn.

Start the Week Right

It is the start of the third week in a new month, in a new year. Have you been able to stick to your plans? Are you satisfied with where you are now? Whether or not you are happy where you are now this is another week to start fresh, with a clean slate. Here are five quotes that I am sharing with you to get you through this week. Remember Nothing is guaranteed but anything is possible! tackle the week with all the positivity you can muster!

Every day I move forward on a track of healing and self-improvement

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to What you can create

Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Everyday is a fresh start. Each day is a new beginning. Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life.

Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.

Start by doing what is necessary then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

It’s A Mess Out Here!

So, you thought once you had a plan, once you know your purpose, everything would be alright. I’m, sure you have been praying, hoping and wishing upon a star that you would know the direction you should be headed in. Now you know and now you are but it’s still hard! Well, you are still making silly mistakes and stepping on too many toes and it all gets frustrating. However, the mess may be what you need right now and a little heads up, nothing will be perfect.

There will be days when everything is going right, your step is light and you feel as if you are invincible. At such a time nothing is impossible and your marvel at your stamina and resilience. There is nary a dark cloud lurking nearby, the horizon is clear and you know you will make it. Those days are golden, enjoy them but be prepared for the turbulence of your off days. On those days all you want to do is sit somewhere and cry, sometimes you don’t know why and sometimes you do. You remember all the hurt that you thought you swept away, all the disappointments and wonder if they all will come back again. On those days you doubt yourself, you have no answers and you feel the tentacles of cold failure squeezing the life out of your progress.

On those days if you cry that is okay, if your thoughts are dark it’s also okay. However, you cannot remain there too long because those feelings and those thoughts can paralyse and worse drown you. Never give in, fight dirty if you must. Use every weapon at your disposal – and you have some, just remember them and look for them.

Achieving anything worth having will be messy. We need to remember this and smile and the storms because they will pass in time.

Keeping Them at Bay

Keeping Them at Bay

I see their ghostly figures whirling at the gate
cunningly they await,
on their hook is the bait
of wallowing in deep despair. 

They taunt me continously
and I am drawn to them unwillingly
They shroud themselves in the imtimacy
of knowing my deepest
so they offer their blunt honesty
of doom.

But I must not let them in,
I must fortify the gate,
with love and hope and peace
I must withstand this siege
Their lies I must not believe.
I pull on all I have within
so that I can win this time.

It must be in God's great design

Waiting to be Chosen

Do you see her over there sitting still feet tapping away? He is waiting to be chosen. Do you see her on her knees bleeding, she has been in that same spot all her life trying to earn some love, seeking someone to pat her on the head and say, “well done.” She is well trained to wait, wait to be chosen. They struggle to get up but are weighed down by the voices of their critics and the mountain of self-doubt that has blocked their progress. They both will remain where they are if they never cast off the chain of subjugation and stop waiting for the grudging approval of those they love or loathe, those they fear or envy. The ball is in their court but they do not have the vision to see that it is.

They at some point will realise that being liked is not all that great, because it has meant they have been left empty by marauding figures fronting as their friends. You see they had never taken the time to just be by themselves and think things through. They had always felt out of breath from the seemingly constant need to catch up. But they never could, they never did. They never could! They were chasing something that never was. While they chase time they missed out on their present. They thought chasing would take them to their dreams but they forget to count the moments right in front of them. So while they cleared a space to put those they felt belonged they had pushed themselves out and they could not return, the space was now too crowded and no one would let them in, again.

Now they stand on the edge looking in, while all around them fertile soil go to waste because they never realised they could start again, wiser than they were yesterday. What they do instead, is work harder to get admitted again, but the danger is that they make it easier for more faults to be found and the entry requirements do get longer. The sad thing is that they wanted to shower all their love on those who are careless with this love but they never spare any time to really like themselves. SO they languish in the waiting room trying to earn that spot when all they had to do was to choose themselves instead of waiting to be chosen.

Talk About Sacrifice

Talk About Sacrifice

Let's talk about sacrifice...

would you give someone your meal
if you are hungry
but he is waiting on your leftovers?
Would you walk with someone
in the rain 
ten miles out of your way
because you have an umbrella
and they do not?
Would you give up your favourite thing
after waiting so long for it
because someone needed it more?
Would you comfort someone 
desperate for a soft touch
even though you have been hardened by life.
Could you be a source of light
though you do not shine the brightest 
and don't know how to do so in the slightest
even when you try.
Can you be that hope to someone 
whose hope has been held capture
though your own has been enslaved.
would you be a pelican,
spread your wings,
not onyl for your flight
but for that one with a broken wing?
Could you?
would you?
Can you ever make a sacrifice?