Your Store Basket

Living in Jamaica, I have heard many Jamaican proverbs or proverbs that have now become entrenched in the culture of Jamaica. One that I have often heard but never really analysed is this proverb said especially when a receiver wants to express their heartfelt appreciation to the giver:

May your store basket never go empty

I have had reason to think about it lately as many challenges have led me to many near crisis. I wonder if my store basket goes empty what do I have to offer. What will I have for myself? A season of great uncertainty and crisis is never a nice season to be in when every thing seems to carry some kind of burden and the forecast of a reversal of fortunes seem improbable. What will I have?

Well, there are many more things in that basket a part from the good fortunes you once had. Those good times are temporal, and I remember that there have always been seasons of instability, but, they never last. And while the forecast may look unfavourable, around a corner hidden from view is the reversal of fortune waiting to be assumed.

Now, while we experience that unstable season,what is there to do? Well for me though something in my basket has been exhausted there are many more resourceful tidbits to see me through such times. Of much more value are friends who may not know of your situation but who you can rely on to always be willing to provide the distraction you need, who will understand that in this season while you may not be at your best, they can still see the best parts of you and love all of you. Then, there is also family, family members who from time to time you may not see eye to eye, will be there for you. If they do not have the solution rest assured that they will not leave you – more return to being annoying – until you are strong enough not to need the crutch they can be. However, of great importance too is your faith that God has got you, faith that things will change and this season too will be but only a memory.

You determine whether or not your store basket will go empty. If you are not able to look beyond what you do not have, to what you do, then those things that remain will disappear too. So, may your store basket never go empty, may you always see the cup half full instead of half empty, until your season of renewal comes through.

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