You Tried It!

When you attempt to flatter yourself or make others look foolish but it didn’t work out well for you.

My personal favorite:

when someone tries to check you but it fails!

For persons who try it we just give them a [toast]!!!

There comes a time in life when you have to say enough is enough. I wanted to include some exclamation marks here but As I grow older I try to remain calm – until sufficiently provoked of course. But if it was when I was younger then who knows. Anyways! You have to say enough when you are placed in a position where you have to respectfully correct others about their view of you. When you have to make it clear that they do not have control over your image or your destiny.

It’s great to be nice and be a unifying force and stand for world peace. But when your world is being compromised by the malicious intentions of a few, you need to stand your ground. Among us are some people who think too much of their influence on you and we need to educate them. We need to sit them gently down – or not – and remind them of our own power and stubborn will to thrive in any place; whether an oasis or in the desert.

Just had to put this here!!!

In response to those people my grandmother would say, “not today satan, you tried it but not to-day!

It’s always good to take stock of the moments when you feel you are about to be defeated in your push forward. We cannot give in to those persons or feelings, because we have a plan that needs to come to fruition.

It’s hard sometimes to pick yourself up after others try to tear you down or, when out of the blue you’re hit from behind.

Never stop, never give up, even when your nemesis is waiting in the wings to devour you and your dreams. Stand and defend yourself and your peace of mind and watch everything fall in place!

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