The Right Reason

Are you doing things for the right reason? I was speaking to a colleague today and the conversation led me to ask myself this question. Sometimes it is really hard to be honest with ourselves. We can give it but we can’t take it!

When you do something, are you doing it for the right reason? When you say something, are you saying it for the right reason? If you could weigh everything you say and do, would you be doing them for the right reasons? Would you be coming from a place that is real?

Many of us do and say things that we do not believe; we reside in places that we are uncomfortable in. However, we do them,say them and live there because we feel it is what is expected, what is required to be accepted by the group you want to be a part of.

It’s hard to know if we really are doing what we are capable of doing or just bluffing our way through life. There are too many of us who are happy with letting the wind blow where it may in our lives and then cry and complain because things are not going our way.

Yes as human beings we can be very contrary at times.We want to do and be but we never really do anything to get there.

Be honest with yourself.

So we come back to the questions. When we getup each day and live out that day, are we satisfied with what we have done and where we are at? Do we do things because we want to? If not, then we are not being real to ourselves or the people around us.If we take that promotion because we want to be validated but we are not really about that life, then it’s not for us. Do not base your decision on gaining recognition and fame only but because it is what really matters.

If you are afraid but confident (even if others discourage you) and you have a gut feeling, go with it, it’s usually right. Sometimes we know that what we are doing is wrong and where we are is not where we should be, but we do not pay attention to those feelings because we are afraid what others will think of our decision.

Don’t Doubt Yourself!

You know what is right for you; no one else can. You know what it will take to make you happy and content. chasing after what everyone else is chasing will not do it. Getting advise is good , especially from people who are successful in the area you want advise in. However, after getting it you then need to decide how you will use it. Remember everyone is different and you cannot expect to get the same result as someone else. Be willing to embrace your intuition and do what feels right for you and no one else, not even for someone who is the closest to you. Do not live on anyone else’s terms but your own; because, no one can live your life for you. When you feel confused or you are unsure of how to move forward ask yourself if you are making a decision for the right reason.

Are you being real to yourself?

Remember to be honest with yourself all the time.

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