The Power of Words

A student of mine recently sent me a video and it reminded me of the power of words. Be careful of not only what you say but what you think. Your mindset influences your life completely. If you think something will be impossible to overcome then you are already defeated in the race of life. Be sure to have positive people and a positive attitude no matter where you are.

No one loves a naysayer but a naysayer. the quickest way to lose friends is to always have a negative outlook. I have always loved words; using them in writing and speech to make the ideas in your mind come alive and showing a side to life that no one else can tell. Because it’s your story, told in your own words. Words are special and necessary but wielded wrongly, they can kill. They can kill the spirit,defer a dream and make the most confident person, a quivering ball of doubt and anxiety.

Use words, love words but use them wisely. Don’t let your words kill, but build up and encourage.


Share your thoughts on this video. How important are words to you?

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3 thoughts on “The Power of Words”

  1. I finally made the time to read your post this morning. The reminder of the power of words always empowers me. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work.
    That “student of yours” lol


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