Do Not Waver

Do Not Waver

Those things within you
do not waver on them.

To waver is a lack of faith
yourself to stand your ground.

Do not waver
because you will falter
and all you ask 
God's gifts
will slip through your fingers.

Be resolute 
never leave you
to wander in the dark.

Let your way be lit
by a truth only faith can shine
Do not waver
in this your time
Instead choose your weapon
draw your victory line.

That Lesson is the true Blessing

Often times when “bad” things happen to us we question why. We feel and act like victims and may even curse the day we were born. It is not easy to navigate this life when your intentions do not bear the kind of fruits you had in mind. Too often people, like me and you, become disillusioned with the twist and turns that punctuate our lives. DIsturbances as we see them, that happen maybe when we least expect them or produce our greatest fears. There is a tendency to be angry in these situations, to feel trapped and oppressed.

So, it is hard to think that there is anything good to see in these situations much less to see them as a blessing. I have learned that hard times produce the opportunity for us to not only mature but to flourish. When we get too comfortable where we are, we may feel reluctant to “rock the boat”, and accept where we are, who we are and how we have come to be perceived as our lot in life. But here comes those lessons that say, “no this is not your final destination, you have to be stretched a little more, melted down to the liquid fire and beaten into a new shape”. We are there resistant, resentful and hopeless, waiting for it to end. By it I mean this season of hard lessons, the experience of the hard-knock life. However, it can be that our greatest strength can come from these surely hard lessons. We are forced to work from our survival and with it and toughness develops, when we choose to stick around, that can take us through another hard knock. With each of those knocks out toughness becomes more improved until we can better appreciate the hits and even welcome them because they really allow us to live life fearlessly, or with a little less fear even.

For all the things we can gain, awards and wealth, it is those difficult times, sometimes the hardest in our lives that are the real treasures on earth. It is never easy to reconcile the painful experiences that we have blessings as we have become too focused on blessings that lead to matchless prosperity. How about we shout amens for those lessons, hard lessons that lead to our blessings, true blessings not limited by a limited and our very human understanding.

While Your Heart Breaks

While Your Heart Breaks

While your heart breaks
I must take
this shovel
and keep digging.
While that tear drops
I must sit atop
my mound of clay
chip away at the decay of immorality
left by those who blunder in the name of crusades.
While you are happy
that your world is not so unhappy
I will carve my joy from dirt.
While you pray
for us to find our way
we will dig a path way trench.
While you feel blessed
to come from the west
I dig my feet
on the mountain side
to find my peace
when I face that test.
While you feel priviledged
know that I will
still survive.

Watching You Struggle.

Wait a minute.
Don't go any further.
What are you doing?
What do you intend to do here?
Do you think you are here to struggle?

I watched slip
so many time on that ladder.
Going nowhere but the bottom.

Why do you care
about them?
Do you know while you watch them watch you,
you go through
the empty space set there to trap you.

You flash here and there
like a fish out of water.
Like a elephant ballerina.
How odd that this is your normal.
How sad that this is what you have come to.

once so proud and strong.
So noble
A crude disfigured rendering
used to entertain and keep you in your place!

Et bien
Ah bueno
oh byen
Who cares if you passed the test!
It was never written with you in mind.

Wait again!
Think about.
Before you go down this road,
do you really care to do so.

Do you really care to put yourself through further torment?

It will never do
to start taking in
everything shoved down your throat.

As I look at you swimming in your sweat and the filth of others I have one question:
will it be worth it?
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Worship No Man.

thread-like and bare I whisper...

If only I could be like you.
Be one of the guys.
who could get things done.
Important things.
I Wouldn't have to tie my own shoe.

If only I could be like this.
Get people to sit.
Stand at attention.
Be larger than Life.
Life wouldn't be a hit or miss.

If only I could be great.
Have all the power.
Take full control.
Be the leader of the pack.
I wouldn't have to give and take.

And Yet -

Wishing to be like you drains me too.
Consumes my energy.
The energy that I need to be alive.
It makes my world shrink.
So all I do is think -
Is being like you about to mess up my mood?

I need
stop and check this out.
Get back my tears, joy and pain that were my sacrifice to you.
I need
stop and check this out.
All my time that added to your years.
I need
stop and check this out.
I still have enough energy to focus on myself
my God!
Was it all a lie?
By making gods of men
did I comprise

Wait -
stop a while...
Let me remove the wool from my eyes.
So when I stare at the reflection
I see me and not
the magic trick
of those counterfeit gods.
Those who rely on me and my energy to sustain their rule.
No more talk of idols
no need to be like any of you.

Let me get back to the me I was made to be.

Let me recollect self, soul and energy.

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Ride It Out.

 Ride out your storm
God is there with you
You may not feel him
But you're not alone
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It is so easy to stop and let the waves sweep you away when you’re overwhelmed by its size.

This is especially true if you’ve been there all along trying to put out the little fires that suddenly appear, that threaten to burn away all that you have been able to accomplish. So, when you think that you finally figured out how to put out the fire, along comes the water.

The trickle of water appears and you think to yourself, “oh well at least the place wont be so dry.” However, the water keeps coming. Then all of a sudden there are waves that fill your vision, until that is all you can see.

At this point you start thinking about the fact that you cannot swim and there are no life jackets near by. You look all around and see no one whose hand you can grab, to save you. Just when you decided to let the waves take you, wherever it wants to take you. But, something deep deep down, something forgotten, yells telling you to swim.

Then somewhere, some how along comes the ability to swim. Even though the water fills you to bursting you cannot stop swimming. You swim when you’re tired, when your breathing starts then stop. You swim even when you feel the sharks circling, ready to consume. You swim even though all feeling has left your body and you know for sure you will die. A strength you never knew you had prevents you from stopping, when your body has been shredded into a million pieces.

 You're hurting now
But your morning is coming
Just hold on to Jesus
And ride out your storm
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Be Flexible.

Sometimes we have our hearts set on what we think we want or need. However, it is when we are most desperate in pursuing what we want, that we should be flexible, so we bend and not break.

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Being rigid in our opinions and thoughts should not be how we live our lives. This is dangers. It is dangerous because it means we are not willing to change and learn from the mistakes of the past. We need to realize that we have limited power, to order our world, unless we rely on the wisdom of God and His power to strengthen us.

It’s easy to believe in our own power when things seem to be going our way. We slowly begin to replace God with our own sense of self importance. Then, we no longer thank God for what he does for us but instead boast “hey look at what I did”.

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It is often times when we are most blind to our faults that life steps in and reminds us of our humanity, our mortality. We are attacked by diseases, doubts and anxieties that seem to flow like a never ending river. We are swept along and taken to places we never imagined we would end up and we have to be alright with this.

We have to be alright when our plans fail, because we did not consult God. When we leave Him behind and jump off the ledge, He may allow us to fall, but He will always, in His own time and in His own way, provide us with the means of getting back up. We will just have to accept that things are not going to workout the way we want it to –

But things will work out.

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