From A Quiet Place

From A Quiet Place

From a quiet place
discern and learn
process and unlearn
stop pleasing
start leading
never be led.
The enemy is in your head
you must vanquish it there
then without fear
leap from that quiet place
and brandish your Atlantis Spear.

With Your Whole Heart

With Your Whole Heart

With your whole heart
be yourself
see yourself as you truly are.

With your whole heart
speak your truth
tell your story even if no one follows you.

With your whole heart
give of yourself
love with a love that will never end.

With your whole heart
do not cower
but keep fighting with heart and courage.

With your whole heart
see the beauty
under the trembling rot of decay.

With your whole heart
know thyself
and wield your weapon based on your art.

The Waiting Gets Hard

The Waiting Gets Hard

The waiting is hard
when the way is crowded
with all your doubts
and Hope is shrouded
in a storm cloud 
of unresloved unkown.

The waiting is hard
when you are told to stop
and your dreams
shimmy past your eyes
and nothing is as it seems.

The waiting is hard
but we must
stand our ground
and to the Great One
put all our trust.

When One Door Closes

When One Door Closes

When one door closes
thank God.
That door means 
no more drama
no more tears.
No more of those barren years.

That closed door means
you survived
now is your time to thrive.
All the lies
have been found out
and in your mind is no more doubt,
it's time to move on.

When that door closes
you can begin again. 
You made your mistakes
no need to look back 
take that new escape
you can get back on track.

Look to the one now opened
bid the closed door goodbye
that was not the hill on which to die.
Do not linger there
before you say your amen.



Life is a harsh teacher
and you will learn
the grass isn't always greener
and youthful exuberance 
relegated to its urn.

Life doesn't give you extra point
because you meant well.
It will show you, you don't know
what you need to know
by bringing you low.

Life uses time
as the tool 
to showcase the rules, 
that can keep you from dying.

Though you start off  sprinting
Life slows you us down,
so in this lifetime
you can make your imprint.

Dark Places

Dark Places

Those dark places
twisted spaces
that are wasteland 
to make you understand 
that you are strong
to go the distance
because you belong.

I love those dark places
cool, wet and moist land
fertile soil,
that holds the promise of possiblity. 

Thanks for those dark places
that makes you dance and shout
when the sun comes out
and chases away those dark clouds.
The Sun,
that linger long after it becomes undone.

It Will be Worth It

It Will Be Worth It

That pool 
of sweat and grime
that you are swimming in,
it won't drown you,
it will give you life.

That rush of blood, marrow and spleen
that attacks you
will not silence you
they are fuel to propel you.

You think you are defeated
and you wish you had retreated
back into the hole to lick your wounds
and console yourself.

But if you just stay awhile,
face this trial
head first
to quench the thrist 
of those dreams
waiting to be seen.
Just wait
it will be worth it
after all when you are redeemed.