Control: What You Do

Control: What You Do

Can you shape the universe
with the thoughts of your mind
bend shapes out of shape
and suspend time?

Can you make the clouds
burst forth their tears
and wash away
all those wasted years?

Can you see beyond your tomorrows
make the future bright
and sing sweetlullabyes
that will let you wake up in light?

Can you forget those steps
that took you to hell
that made it necessary
for you to reprent?

Can you can you
change your world
by taking this bittersweet land
and mould them with your hands?

Who I AM

Who I AM

Who I am is not up for debate
no question mark here
no room for self-hate.
It is who I 
What each was meant to be
one specific patent
built uniquely.
We may lose our way
become controtionist
trying to be a square
inna circle
and thinking, "how unfair
I do not fit!"
But unbend we must
learn and readjust
to recapture ourselves
and show who I am.

From A Quiet Place

From A Quiet Place

From a quiet place
discern and learn
process and unlearn
stop pleasing
start leading
never be led.
The enemy is in your head
you must vanquish it there
then without fear
leap from that quiet place
and brandish your Atlantis Spear.

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dream of
Dreams really do come true...

They do.
Dreams do come true
if you can get on the other side.
But how to?
How to get through
the highways and byways of Hopeless Way.
Do we sing it into existence?
Dance perhaps?
Should we check the fortune teller?
The blind one in the tent?
We need to find the Rainbow Bridge.
Get over it
and follow the candles that are lit
to get to it.

Which Road Will You Take

Which Road Will You Take

There are two roads ahead
and both you dread
because you asked for them
and your prayer was answered.
Now you must decide 
which is best
and which will bring your end.
Nothing gained without a loss
this is what they say.
But if one you choose
know that the other you will lose.
sweet sweat of blood
river red
remind you 
you are mortal.
Now on knees deathly shredded
you must seek relief
from this decision
that trapes you in delirium tremens...


Don't feel sorry for me
when you see me crying
I am healing
Iam being put back together again.
It was hard
to reach this part
where I can release
all the build up from the past.
I am here now
ready to get it out
don't feel sorry
I have to let it out.

I have to release the hurt
the disappointment and the loss.
I have to wash it all out
swim back to myself.
I have to reach this place
where my cup overflows
nd all that holds me back I let go.

So when you see these tears
please have no fear,
just thank God for me
that the end of my nightmare is near.

Do Not Waver

Do Not Waver

Those things within you
do not waver on them.

To waver is a lack of faith
yourself to stand your ground.

Do not waver
because you will falter
and all you ask 
God's gifts
will slip through your fingers.

Be resolute 
never leave you
to wander in the dark.

Let your way be lit
by a truth only faith can shine
Do not waver
in this your time
Instead choose your weapon
draw your victory line.