This Feels Like God

This Feels Like God

Each raindrop falling on leaves
that gives me so much peace
and with the sun shining down on me
a light that makes me see
the hand of God.
A gentle gigle 
floating in the breeze
that gets entagled with the trees
reminds me of the innocence
of one who believes
in the promises of miracles.
A gentle flowing stream
that carries the wonders of life
that washes over me 
and sets me free
to grow, swell and just be free.
In a truh that never cease
For truth God holds the keys
and so because this truth I know
I say, "Yes Lord I agree".

A Place of My Own

What if there was a place that was all your own? A place that no one could invade at will, order for you or dictate what you could do. Finding a place of your own is often associated with your living situation. Moving to your own place shows your independence. However, sometimes, even after doing this we still have this burning desire to have a place of our own in this world. This could stem from feeling trapped in one or all areas of our lives. So we go on a quest to find that place.

Finding a place of our own takes many far and wide and along the way, some may get lost and are never heard from again. Some try to begin by looking back. Here, they may find the past a bitter pill to swallow and end up choking on their bile. So what to do but pretend, pretend as if we have the answers, know what to do, and make a mess on top of the mess we forgot or could not bring ourselves to clean up.

So is it that it is so hard to find that place? For many they spend their lives on that quest and end up going in circles, ending up where they began. But what if (hypothetical of course) we could cut through the noise that is this world and find our place? We would have to sift through too many things that do not matter but that now dominate our minds, heart and soul. We would have to let go of so many things to recapture our souls.

Now, this leads all the way back to each of us and guess what? It was always about us. That place we are trying to find required us to properly know ourselves. Trying to find something that was never lost now that is the joke because you knew all along with that that occupying that place was inside of you. You know the answers but they are too scary to contemplate, you have the plan but you seem frozen in that same place. You know you must come to terms with all of yourself and move outside of the world created for you by others who don’t really know or want to know you.

Finding a place of your own is half the work because first, you have to know who you want to be when you find that place.

Do Not Waver

Do Not Waver

Those things within you
do not waver on them.

To waver is a lack of faith
yourself to stand your ground.

Do not waver
because you will falter
and all you ask 
God's gifts
will slip through your fingers.

Be resolute 
never leave you
to wander in the dark.

Let your way be lit
by a truth only faith can shine
Do not waver
in this your time
Instead choose your weapon
draw your victory line.

I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine

I can only Imagine
all the pain you went through
all the doubts that defeated you
when you needed to fight
that's when you withdrew
and life continued to remind you
the only way to survive
is to be true to you.

I can only imagine
how great the burden was
bent double from wretched sobs
of loss and despair.

I can only imagine
how alone you felt
there were many
but not that one friend
who could give you a hand
no judging just to understand
that you were weak
foolish yes,
but not a freak
or abomination.

I can only imagine 
how you struggled to stay alive
not knowing how to survive
the greatest blow you ever received.
How even now you don't know how
how much grace you can allow
because nothing can ever be the same.

Let Go

Let Go

I heard from God last night - 
"you need to let go".

Let go of the pain
the hurts
the disappointments
that brought you so low.
Leave the tears behind
that made you blind
to the possibilites
you had not tried.
Stop blaming yourself
for being so weak.
You were so what does it mean?
Does it mean you can never rise
that your dream dies
because you were once unwise?

"You need to move on"

from the wasteland in your mind
leave all those deadly sins behind
grab that wick
make your candle
and shine.

When One Door Closes

When One Door Closes

When one door closes
thank God.
That door means 
no more drama
no more tears.
No more of those barren years.

That closed door means
you survived
now is your time to thrive.
All the lies
have been found out
and in your mind is no more doubt,
it's time to move on.

When that door closes
you can begin again. 
You made your mistakes
no need to look back 
take that new escape
you can get back on track.

Look to the one now opened
bid the closed door goodbye
that was not the hill on which to die.
Do not linger there
before you say your amen.

Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

I am calling.
Do you hear me?
Can you see me?
Do you know me?
Look, I sat here
mute, immobile,
kneeling under your weight.
Did that endear me to you?
Look, I let you step all over me
let you crush my spirit 
to dust.
Still you don't see me?

Do you hear me?
I keep calling out to you.
Should I sit here in my dispair?

Please someone, 
make my way clear!