Four Seasons

Four Seasons

September is when I, 
find myself.
October is when I, 
know myself.
November is when I,
 establish myself.
December is when I,
Commit myself.
With each season
a little more
I Am myself.



What does any of us know
about freedom?

Have you felt high
knowing no fear.

You walk down the road
with steps light like the air.

Have you felt the wind
sweep you along.

Knowing worldly cares
do not belong
where you are.

Freedom is the treasure
when you have nothing,
owe no one
and belong to no doctrine.

Freedom is a fat camel
that glides through the needle's eye:

but unencumbered
by Life's cares.

Freedom is losing it all
but knowing finally
you have gained your soul
by breaking through life's prison walls.