Anger Kills

I got so angry yesterday that I erupted like a volcano, spewing lava vitriol in every which direction. I got so mad that I did not care what I said and what I did, all I knew was that I verbally slay all I perceived to be the bane of my existence – they all died a thousand painful deaths yesterday, but I was not satisfied at the end of my verbal massacre. Yes anger can kill.

It burns up everything in its path when it leaves a lingering bitterness that lasts a lifetime. It can destroy relationships, kill your good name and set you back to where you never wanted to return. Worse it can consume you so much that it kills your potential and all that is good within you. In a moment, without thinking – having lost your head – in can destroy your life.

It is never good to speak out in anger, nothing good ever comes of it. While we are humans and are susceptible to deep passions, we should never allow our anger to take control of common sense and leave us exposed to the hidden dangers our anger brings. We should never be quick to speak out – in anger it is more of a shouting thing – or act from a place of anger. The funny thing is we never learn this lesson well and so must continue to suffer when we act carelessly in our anger. Many times it defeats us more than we defeat it.

Anger can make monsters of us all, like cannibals we tear each other a part verbally and physically and later regret becomes a sad companion. But often when we attack in anger, it comes from a place of hurt, fear, frustration or even misguided assumptions. We never stop learning about ourselves and sometimes through our angry we see how ugly we can be and I don’t want that energy in my life. So each day I have to decide to thin respectfully of others and be positive no matter the situation and operate from a place of love, a love that will bring me peace of mind. Anger is not productive, it leads to nothing positive and can lead to our downfall. So be careful of that monster and slay it every time it comes uninvited and turns you away from your Jekyll into your Hyde.

Silence is the True Killer

“If you’re silent about your pain, they will kill you and say that you enjoyed it.” – Zora Neale Hurston

I heard the quote above and it got me thinking. It got me thinking about how many of us have become conditioned to going along with things. It got me thinking about how obsessed we are with not rocking the boat and being compliant. I, like many others, was taught as a child that I had no voice, ” a child should be seen and not heard”. So I developed the dependency on everyone’s opinion but my own, I trusted the advise of others to the death of my own gut feelings.

When you are silent you compromise.

Maybe if we didn’t always take it like a champ, we would not have so much unresolved issues. Speaking up does impact your mental health. I know there have been times when I have been consumed by anger and blinded by a sense of injustice caused by the inability to really say what is on my mind.

Silence that kills I have come to find can be overshadowed by the noise we make.

How many times have you found yourself saying everything right, everything you are expected to say but still feeling as if you left having said nothing that was necessary to say? Or, said so much except the things that really matter? For me there have been too many moments like that and those moments can stay with you, and haunt you for the rest of your life. Silence has its role but silence is not always the best way out:

Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Also, sometimes by remaining silent we sometimes end up on the wrong side of history and what is right:

“If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.” – Albert Einstein

It’s Your Time

It's Your Time

Don't wait
Time won't allow you to stop
and look around.
wait for you to get ready.
Now is all you have.
Don't wait
to be led by those better
than yourself.
There is no one who can give you the promises
no Moses to take you to the edge
of the Promise Land.
Don't wait
for the perfect thing
yet unnamed
Touch what is there until
it turns from water into wine,
bread from stone.

Don't stop,
to smell those roses 
they are rotting
grab them from the stem in full bloom
take them with you - 
then crush the to keep them
alive forever like a memory that never dies.
Stretch those once useless limbs
until they grab and squeeze
the juice you need to sustain you.
be fearless and true, 
in all that you do,
to slay your Goliaths.

Change Your Conversation

Change Your Conversation

I'm not leaving until you bless me...

I will fight 
fight till I die.
I'm not gonna leave
until I change my life.
No more will I hide in this cave
too weak to breathe
too weak to live.
No more in the shadows 
I will not be ashamed.
I look to the east 
I see my sunrise
like a lion I will roar
for  the sake of my life.
I will break 
the wall that I hate
I will not listen to your blasphemy.

Get up!
We must get up!
Leave the places I have walked so many times
leave the circle I keep walking.
I cannot stay
any longer
I must go!
I must move the stone
roll it away
to come out of my cave.
Just a splash of vinegar
will clean the palate
remove the mucus of discord.
I will sit still and talk no more
the same story of old.
I will not be the way I was - 
changed -
I have been given a new vision.
The path I walk
I walk not by sight....
though dark and cold
- at times -
I move forward.
Though I see other travellers
I cannot stop.
I cannot stop to talk
I have a new mission.
Like a caul 
I am covered with my purpose,
I must walk tall.
My way is filled with traps
but I must be nimble.
I must make it to the other side
so I must leave you all behind.
No I will 
never to come this way again.

But if I do...
it is only to remind me that I was you.

Speaking A New Story…

Be careful how you treat people today because they may have the fabric you need to create your story. Be careful what you hold on to from your past because it may stop you from seeing your future. Most importantly, be careful the words you utter because they may kill the stories waiting to be told.

There are times when we love to be a part of the story and we never want to be the story because it may have painful parts that we do not want to share or be exposed to. So we languish in the rot of yesterday’s garbage and wonder why we seem stuck in the same place we have been trying to get out of from ever since. Why our story is still the same and why everything seems to change except our situations.

Maybe we have spoken too much of the things we cannot do and refuse to speak and write about what we have the power to do. If we really want to tell our story we cannot wait on someone to give us the words to do or, worst yet, letting others use their pens to write it for us. No fortune teller can tell you what to do or what you need to know to craft a life you deserve. If that were the case where would that leave our connection with the Almighty. No one will create that movie worthy scene that will climax into you winning the day, triumphing over all adversities and coming out on the other side. You can’t steal someone else’s story to make your own. No matter how much you dream it were so. We have to make our own stories. Speak the words that will make it so and live lives that tell the truth of who we are.

You have been set apart, specially gifted but waiting too long to realise this can be the great error of your life. Before a story is written down on the page, it has to be lived and told and encrypted in the soul. When we take away all that we have accumulated here on the earth, without all those things, what is the story of ourselves, without the entrapments of titles and accolades?

Speak a new story that does not have the stench of the past but the promise of a new day. Each day is such, where we get the chance to build on what we have already been given, accumulating people unto ourselves we will play a crucial role in the totality of the story and not things that leave when the going gets tough and leave a bitter taste.

When we ask if there is something greater than where we are, chances are there is. The only problem is we do not know how to wait and see. So, we tell the same old story because we do not have the courage to be encouraged at the signs that tell us, better is ahead. The truth is, we are too scared to think of the possibility of another story than the one we have been fed all our lives.

Be prepared to tell a new story because change is a constant that no one can escape, even if we try.

Has this pandemic experience and quarantine period made you consider telling a new story of your life? Think about the ways in which you have been changed by what has happened and decide how your story will shape up moving forward. Do not wait for someone to come and tell you who you are and what you will do. The power and knowledge is already there within you.

Grace and peace to you from Him who is, and who was, and who is to come… (Rev1:4a)

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Think of Yourself Less

Woe is me, is a popular sentiment right now. Many people are either angry, frightened or upset that their world has been turned upside down and they don’t know what to do with themselves.

We are asked to do something that makes us anxious and all we can think about is whether or not we will look stupid, make a mistake or end up not getting the credit we think we deserve. We spend so much time worrying about what will happen to the impression of ourselves so far that we forget that there are people also involved who may have limitations and inabilities, but who are willing to jump in the fray to get things done. They too may have doubts, may feel insecure but unlike the woe me criers, they are not willing to give life to their fears.

Then there are those among us who feel we have gotten the short end of the stick. We get offended by the most imaginary of slights that we feel doubly offended when our case is thrown out, due to a lack of real evidence. What makes it worse is that the time we spend trying to find the offense in someone’s words and actions, could have been used to do something meaningful; something that would not only bring you more joy but also others around you. We are angry or we need pity and woe unto anyone who gets in our path.

Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the fact that everything is not about us and doesn’t just happen to us. If we focus less on our problems, shortcomings and fears, we would have less reason to feel sorry for ourselves and our situations. We would also come to recognise that change and hard times are all a part of the life and if we want to be here we need to be willing to take the good with the bad. Sometimes a season lasts longer than you would have expected, but when it happens, look around to realise that you are not the only one experiencing such a season. The brilliance you see in yourself is mirrored in everyone else, so too are faults that you see in others. Look closely and you will see that you have less, the same or even more faults than you knew or are willing to acknowledge. A storm does not happen only to make your life miserable and fortune does not only smile on a few. It depends on how we view things and on whether or not we can see beyond our needs. Can we look in the mirror and realise that ours is not the only eyes looking back at us, but the eyes of all who have in some way played a part in where we are, whether or not we have ever met them face to face.

The One Sitting on the Throne

Power can be very deceptive. This coming from someone who has never had much and who does not desire much, beyond a measure of control over my own destiny and how my story unfold and is told.

However, I have observed that any measure of privilege and lead one to be consumed with a sense of self importance. As I hear an old woman tell her young caregiver to look wood to roast breadfruit, instead of using the coal she bought, I see the evidence clearly. Her position as employer and her caregiver as employee, has given her the right, in her mind, to see her as less than. The man who has the handle is seemingly in a better position than the man who holds the blade. Therefore, the one at the lower end must be careful not to antagonise the other or else his very life may be short lived.

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Jamaican wood fire…

Imagine the one who has the power to determine, who eats and goes hungry. Who lives and who dies. What great power that persons has! And yet his or her power is never complete, it is always finite.

For all the millions, billions and even trillions, one thing the rich cannot buy is more time. At some point the fabulously rich, those who have some measure of wealth must face their own mortality. They will get sick, some will make it to old age, but, all will eventually die. When we think of all those great kingdoms around the world, the one thing they all have in common, is that at some point they only remain great in the memories of those who chose to remember and tell their story.

the twenty-four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne and worship him who lives for ever and ever.They lay their crowns before the throne…” – Revelation 4:10

Even if you have a throne that you sit on here on earth, one day you will have to give it up. You will have to throw in the towel, give up the crown. If the natural order of life does not lead to this inevitability then someone else will come to claim or take it. Quickly the ones jostling at the top on their tippy toe point realise, maybe too late, that they were never meant to remain there forever, but only for a while. Because we all came and saw the world it is reasonable to assume that nothing here really belongs to us. The crown we wear, if we do, will have to be laid down as we acknowledge that any power we have is limited. If the elders around the throne of The Most High were compelled to lay down their crown in acknowledging a greater power than their own, what does that say about each of us!

For some it may be very hard to consider those who he looks down on from his lofty spot. He may shake his head in pity and the poor misbegotten souls. Never thinking that they can very topple from that envied spot. Some never consider that they are are very short distance away from where they started or sinking even lower. The horror at the indignity of once again being ordinary is a fate worse than death for many. However, it is a fate that we all begin with and all must end with.

Some will say that this pandemic has been the great equalizer, but it has also revealed that many cling to their throne to the detriment of many,and many cling to a crown of Pyrite.

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