Where Your Mind Go

Where You Mind Go

Just remember this my friend
where your mind go
your body will follow.
A man can see
before he must be.
But friend what is your imagination?
Do you see yourself as great or small?
then surely you will fall
for the lie that kills
that allows the truth to be born
unless you use your will
to meet The King
and stand on that hill
fully planted upon solid Rock.



You have been called.
What will you do?
Will you melt away like snow
or dry up with the dew?
See they are all
just looking at you
to make a move.
No, standing still
this will not do.

Do you hear?
You are being called
tell me will you allow fear,
a growing dread and dispair
to paralyse you
or worse,
cause you to disappear
on the ignoble frontier.

Now you must decide:
Will you fold ineffectually 
Or rise 
sure-footed and committed?

Spring of Living Water

Sping of Living Water

The Spring of living water
tramples the dust,
makes it nothing.
That which was a cloud 
of doom,
doomed to be no more.
Heal me with water
that springs into a fountain
and floods the wasteland.
Shower me with the tears
of the storm, 
that revive the sould and give life.
When uncertainty rises over the horizon
to exact its revenge
then the water rushes through,
sweeps it out of view.

Spring forth,
and make all things new.

Don’t Quit

Don't Quit

Just because the sun
did not shine 
on you today.
Just becausethe rain 
came and washed away 
your way.
Just because you feel
the fear
stealing over you.
Just because your feet
are worn
walking in weary shoes.
Don't quit
don't give in
to the voice
that tries to imprison
you from within.



Look at your friends
they are your treasure
Assess your health
Its goodness cannot be measured
Look at your gifts
they are yours to uplift
Look at your life
a richness you cannot compromise.
These are yours
these are sure
These are wealth
which much be kept
on a most precious shelf.

This Thorne

This Thorn

It is perfect
This thorne in my side
at first I denied to smile
Through this thorn
in my eyes.
The wait is long
now I cannot see
my hope grew strong.
So to God I sing
a new song
Now I know
where I belong.
Since I surrendered
I can sense this great love
the plans I had for me
no longer convinces me
Now it is His great plan
that qualifies me.

Your Walk

Your Walk

When you begin your walk,
you will know who you are,
you will be who you are,
and give of who you are.

When you begin your walk,
the least will be great
in your heart,
you will forget your fairy dreams
and live in your steps,
real dreams.

When you begin your walk,
you will know when to wait
and do what must be done,
before it is too late.

When you begin your walk,
you will honour those at your gate,
for they are your fate,
they will make you great.
For to build them up 
is to be graced 
with an overflowing plate.