Now She Sleeps

Now She Sleeps

We had to leave her

I wonder if she is cold?
They put her on ice.
Frozen in Time.
No more.
They left her
in the dark.
She could not find her way to me.
They took her shoes
gave her a box
left us a crystal drop.

Will I see you again?
In Heaven?
Can I hug you there?
Will they let me?
Can I kiss you?
Like I did not here?

For now I'll let you sleep.

John Crow Batty Sorrows

John Crow Batty Sorrows

You see me JB
don't test me...
I am your authority.
I rule
you are my mule...
I am the authority.
you better not answer
stay silent
I will cut you to size.
You think you're bad
you are not my god
today you will learn
or burn!
the wife gone
children gone
but I ain't mad
I glad
I am the authority.

**Disclaimer: This poem is not autobiographical!

Julie Mango

Julie Mango

You have to wait
until I give you a taste
of my sweet secrets.
One then another
then you will see
there is more to me
than just this tree.
My nectar will delight.

I am lush
a hypnotic sight!
for my fiery ball - 
and deadly.
Take one bite
you won't be sorry.
Come closer
take a look
come closer
you will be hooked!

A Wisp of Steam

A Wisp of Steam

Slowly you rise
stretched thin
before their eyes
controlled by heat
moulded by fire.
you dear to defy
try to deny
your destiny.
in your eyes
you do not see
the truth
you disappear
into thin air.