Long Walk to Nowhere

Long Walk to Nowhere

You are free
but your mind,
you mind
cannot see
the destiny
waiting for you to achieve.
You walk unbound
But the mind
is bogged down
to the ground
by a stubborn will
to see your smallness.
So you walk around
and around
make a journey to nowhere
so you can find your success
although it was always there
hiding under the rumpled doubts
inside you mind.

Every Blooming Thing.

Every Blooming Thing.

Every blooming thing is a treasure
and all must grow and thrive
nothing must be left below
they must sway and dance day and night.

Every blooming thing has beauty
natural and not contrived
spreading wide enough to gather
all the bouncing shining lights.

Every blooming thing must produce
their talents must be used
to give love and life
and so be profuse.

Every blooming thing must live
so all their talents they can give
to those weary beaten broken souls 
who need their fragrance to forgive!

Battle scars

Battle Scars

Your battle scars 
say who you are.
Have none?
Then you have not learned 
a thing worth learning.
Or perhaps, 
you try to hide them.
Ashamed with a sense of disgrace
that you were bested.
Fear not,
though your scars are alot
they are your testimonies 
that you survived,
they anoint your flesh
reminding you of the tests
that have made you your best
in a world where sorrow
obscures many a tomorrows.
So wear them proudly,
They your purple hearts.



Beauty cannot be defined
it can only be known when seen
ti mature overtime
like good wine.
There is no reason or rhyme
it just is
and no one 
can set a time
on when it will mature
and grow into itself.
beauty delight
the eyes
and God smiles
when you cultivate it.

Where You Want to Go

Where You Want to Go

Look where you want to go
not at the distractions,
for the world has many
that trips you up
takes you down
 over the precipice,
because you fixed your mind on them.
Look ahead!
do not be led
into certain danger.
For it is easy
to lose sight of your Source
of light and life.
Where you want to go?
Fix your eyes there!
Not the glittery show
of nothingness.
 you have the vision
to see your true mission,
look there
and only there,
and you will stay on the road
that will lead to your overflow.

You Are Not My Enemy

You Are Not My Enemy

I see you bleeding
just like me
In anguish you scream!
Just like me.
You too have dreams
like me too.
I see you
in me
and me in you.
You are not my enemy
and that is the key
to restoring your humanity
in me.
The Darkness
would have it not so
it gives strive, hate and pain
creates a wall
and locks us into unbroken
But I see you
and know this to be true
You are not my enemy.
Me and you, me and you?
Our love can be heavenly. 



No is my statement.
It is a complete statement
of fact.
There is nothing in it to add
nothing more to subtract
read my lips,
it is a complete sentence.
No I refuse to be drawn in
to what you may think
What should be my thing 
what my time should be.
while I may say yes
don't think of me less
because I confess
that no has removed the mess
that try to trip me up.