The Power of the Tongue

The Power of the Tongue

Words thrown carelessly across the front page
cut so deeply
it reaches vital veins.
Puffed up arrogance
can only relate in disdain.
You grow tall or short
depending on the blessing or curse
uttered flippantly
to your face.

Words can hurt
words can kill.

She spews her truth
god complex
her words digs her own grave
her power made impotent
by falsehood uttered in a rage
of hurt and torment.

Words can hurt
words can kill.

I fight the battle uphill
to reach my way to the top
so that I can grab and come back
with the words that will combat those sharp knives
uttered outside the vortex of time.

Words can hurt
words can kill

Sticks and stone
can break your bones
but words
cut much deeper.
They rob your soul
of joy untold
and makes a rich life
so much cheaper.

Words can hurt
words can kill.

Or do they just kill?